Marketing Strategies That Small Business Owners Must Incorporate

Starting a business is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors you must consider before even planning to begin a business of your own. Some of these factors are: capital, target market, business place, products and services, communication, customer support, and suppliers.

Making Use of Advertising

When you have already considered every factor and have officially started your business, keeping it afloat is the greater challenge. There are different ways in order for you to keep your business profitable. But one that is a sure shot would be proper advertising and marketing.

Advertising and marketing allow your business to be publicly known throughout your locality, among your target market or even beyond the State where your business is located. This is one aspect of a continuing business that large corporations invest thousands, even millions of dollars. This shows how important this aspect is. It is your prerogative to make use of every advertising and marketing tool available to you.

One of the most common and basic marketing tool is having a slot in your local or national newspaper. Making use of this marketing tool is quite inexpensive and actually very effective. When readers get a glimpse of your business in their newspaper, they would begin to know that your business exists. This would be effective especially if your target market is newspaper readers.

The only drawback in this form of advertising is the advent of modern technology. Most people nowadays, especially the young ones are not acquainted with reading the newspaper. They would prefer to use their gadgets and TV to receive their news. You would just be wasting money if your target market does not even see your advertisement in the newspaper.

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Print Advertising

The cheapest among marketing tools are the fliers and posters scattered around your business’ locality. This method is extremely cost-efficient and would only require you to have a small amount of manpower. Your employees or even yourself can walk around town and pass your fliers to people that you can come across. You can post your posters at strategic location for people to easily spot them.

The problem that can arise from this method is that most people are not fond of reading, or even accepting fliers from others. They do not take these seriously and would eventually just throw them at the nearest garbage can.

Television Advertising

The most common and expensive marketing tool would television advertisements. You can buy a spot in any local or national television network and have them play your advertisement. The costs would be expensive, of course. It would normally depend on the length of your advertisement, the time slot your wish for them to play it and how many times you want them to play it. Most large businesses prefer this method because nearly every person in the country watches TV.

Toll-free telephones

Another method which utilizes modern communication is having a 1 800 number. This one allows your business phone to become a marketing tool without even intending for it to be one. Moreover, having the so-called “vanity number” would boost the marketability of your business.

This communication tool allows your business to receive calls from people without them having to worry about additional costs. This would allow international clients to call you without having to pay overseas charges. This would encourage your target market to contact you whenever they wish. This can also be used to enhance your customer service.

Vanity numbers would have the initials of your business or have your business venture within the number combination. For example; 1-800-DIVORCE, you can easily think that this number is related to lawyers who are specializing in divorce cases. This would certainly help your target market narrow down the search on who they will call.

Another wonderful thing about this is that if you have other marketing tools, you can simply put your 800 number in it so that your target market will know which number to call. Since it’s an 800 number, they know they can call you free of charge.

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  • It can be difficult to know where to market your small business. I have found that the first hurdle faced by many is that they don’t know what to say to get their message across to their potential customer in the first place.

    Once you know who you are talking to, then figuring out what you should say to them to make buying your product/service easier. It can be easier to choose the method in which to be heard. Not an easy process, but it is worth it.

    Thanks for your article.

  • While Flyers or doorhangers can be effective, using the Every Door Direct Mail program can get your message seen affordably and with a great response. Getting another business or two to put their ad on the jumbo postcard will lower the costs considerably.

    Currently, the cost of postage is 14.5 cents per postcard sent. There are some limitations and it works best for services or products customers use regularly or have a high gross dollar margin.

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