Marketing Led OR Marketing Centric – What’s The Difference?


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The terms ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ are one of the same. Let’s be honest. In a modern world where technology has improved the way we operate we are all in sales and we are all marketers.

To be frank, unless you have a fully automated system where your business has no direct interaction during the sales cycle you need to have sales conversations with prospects and existing clients. Right?

For a number of small businesses, there is clearly some confusion as to what’s what. That is OK. There are more definitions for these terms than I could ever list in this post.

What’s more important is to know whether you are marketing led or marketing centric in your commercial activity.

Why This Is Important:

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Picture a large Enterprise that has a team of veteran sales people and a marketing unit that are both tasked with different things to meet the same common goal. To generate revenue. (Yes, raising awareness is part of it!)

The sales team has been doing the same thing for years. Managing their ‘black-book’ of contacts and going about their business to  generate revenue. The talk to their prospects on a regular basis.

The marketing team leverages a combination of inbound and outbound strategies to increase customer interactions and generate revenue. They interact with the same prospects on a regular basis.

What’s the result? The prospect get’s confused. They are being touched multiple times from different people through different channels. This is no good!

Are the sales and marketing departments effectively communicating with each other?

Unfortunately it is more common than not that the answer is ‘no’.

This is the same for small businesses except most of the time there is generally less people involved and quite often only one person who is solely responsible for lead generation and prospect interaction. The left hand needs to talk with the right hand. 

Think about your prospect. Do they know what is happening? Are they being guided seamlessly through the sales process? If they are receiving multiple touch points asking them different things they will be confused AND less likely to buy.

What to do

You have to know yourself that for your business you are going to interact with each prospect in the same way. Following the same process.

AND, is the marketing activity driving these prospects towards a sales conversation OR is marketing going to be the main driver in nurturing these prospects into becoming paying advocates for your business when they are ready?

That is the difference between being marketing led or marketing centric.

Which approach do you use in your business?

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