Is Direct Mail Still Viable for Lead Generation and Appointment Setting? [Infographic]

Direct mail marketing seems to have been left behind with all the new-fangled technological methods for business-to-business advertising and promotion. Thus, this procedure for spreading the word about a business has been shunned, set aside, and even forgotten. A lot of companies have moved on from traditional forms of advertising and promotion to a more advanced methods for lead generation and appointment setting.

Contrary to popular belief, a large fraction of today’s population of organizations worldwide still use direct mail marketing as their main means to acquire interests from targeted sales leads.

ContactDB has graced with an infographic that pertains to a statistical outlook on direct mail marketing for the year 2012. Let us take a more detailed look at the infographic to get a deeper understanding of this “traditional” marketing method.

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Although thought to be left behind by more technological means of lead generation and appointment setting, there is still a massive amount of businesspeople who use this means to gain more leads and appointments. For instance, as per the infographic above, 21.9 million adults living in the United Kingdom alone respond to companies and organizations that have sent out advertising material to their business’ doorstep. Furthermore, upon receiving the promotional material, 6.2 million went online to order the advertised products, 7.3 million went to a store to look for the item, and 8.3 million people keep the mail in order to view it again for future references.

To sum it all up, that is a whopping 43.7 million people who responded positively from b2b direct mail marketing!

What makes this form of b2b marketing so special? How can it be on par to more updated means of promotional advertising?

Let’s go back to the infographic; it has been stated that 49% of adults (according to the British Market Research Bureau) are more likely to open up direct mail if they are intrigued by its packaging. Additionally, a lot of people, consumers or businessmen, would like to receive special offers in the mail if it means they get to save up on cash on their next purchase. After all, who doesn’t want discounts or freebies?

Due to the success of this type of b2b marketing, there has already been a recorded 17.7 million people who immediately ordered the product and/or service being offered to them as soon as they received a catalogue in their inbox.

So why do organizations continue their efforts in sending more catalogues and fliers to their targeted prospects?

Simply put, it is deemed as the marketing tactic with the lowest costs. The cost per lead is far lower than most of today’s marketing methods as businesses need only to design a flier, a catalogue, or something that will attract the attention of their prospects. Afterwards, organizations only have to use a service that will send out the mail for them. Due to such a benefit, companies can extend their budgets to spend more on other projects.

So think that b2b direct mail marketing is still a hopeless case? Review the infographic and think again.

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  • Email is becoming more like “professional SPAM” as it continues ti innudate our inboxes. Direct mail seems to be making a comeback and replacing email. Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) only works if your target market is there when you post.

    In today’s environment, you must use everything at your command to get that all important appointment.

    I use direct mail as on of the “touches” required to gtet you recognized. Cold/warm calls are the best way to get that all important appointment.

    Walter Wise
    Business Success Architect

  • We use a lot of direct mail to generate B2B sales leads. For me it is no different from any other marketing medium.

    You need to understand your market fully and use the most appropriate forms of communication. Just because a new technology is developed it doesn’t mean old ways no longer work.

    An integrated approach to B2B lead generation gets us the best results.

  • In-depth research and insight on the infograph! Regarding the reason why people still prefer direct mail, I hesitate to say that it is due to lowered costs. Designing, printing, and sending out direct mail is practically more expensive than sending out e-mails to your target.

    Personally, I think it is because of the “human touch” direct mail provides to its recipients. I’ve detailed it on a post I wrote, which you can visit here . But in short, the tangible and personal approach of direct mail produces more results.

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