How to Improve Your Outbound Calls

When you present products and services to potential clients through sales calls, it is vital that you present information in a way that keeps the potential client on the phone long enough to hear what you have to offer. Too often, a cheesy sales pitch or lack of knowledge will cause the potential customer to hang up the phone long before they hear the information you have to present. This is not only bad for the productivity of the B2B company, but is unfair to the potential client. A bad sales call wastes everyone’s time.

So how can you present this information in a way that doesn’t scare buyers off the phone? The first step is simple:

Change your sales pitch, and then change it some more. You want to work with your sales pitch so it sounds as natural as possible. If you’re boring yourself, you’re definitely boring whoever is listening. Practice your pitch in front of the mirror, and if any part starts to feel or sound unnatural, change it. The sales pitch itself is the absolute most important part of the entire B2B business. Without a concrete, well-organized sales pitch, the B2B business is doomed for failure. You should always have your eyes open for improvements to your pitch.

Being informed is another vital aspect of becoming a productive B2B company. This concept goes two ways. First, it means that everyone who works within the company should know every last detail about the product you sell. Secondly, it means that every customer facing employee is highly informed about the customers they face. Being fully informed about a product gives you the leeway to be yourself when you present it. If you know everything there is to know about your product, you won’t have to rely on a marketing script just to remember all the details. You will also increase productivity if you know which parts of your product will hit home with a prospect. You won’t know which parts those are unless you have the right sales intelligence about your prospects.

Another way to increase the success of your phone calls is to build brand awareness. You can’t easily and effectively measure brand awareness, but a pervasive brand awareness is a crucial aspect of outbound calling. Sales reps are much more likely to reach prospects that have heard of them before than they are to reach prospects that have no idea what they do. When you get a customer on the phone who knows what you do, and how well you’re doing it, you can save a lot of time explaining your business and finding reference customers. For a cheap and easy solution to branding, build your brand awareness online through your company blog, and using social media.

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