How to Create a Strong Case Study

Create Case Study

When creating a strong case study, the first thing to remember is that your case should always have a problem for the readers to solve.

Think of it like a good detective story – you want to keep your readers interested in the situation by making sure there is enough information for them to understand the problem and propose a solution.

Your case should be written in such a way that it challenges the reader and allows them to experience the same things as you did when starting the activity. As such, a good case study is more than just a description – it should put the reader in the same position as the case writer when faced with a new or challenging situation. Conversely, a descriptive case study only presents information, tells the reader everything and illustrates conclusions, which doesn’t challenge the reader.

Case studies are a great resource for clients, prospective clients, students and the wider business community. They add strength to your reputation by illustrating the value delivered through a particular product or service. There are many advantages to having a case study:

Upload it on your website: Stand out from competitors and improve traffic to your website by adding new, valuable content.

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For use in a press release: You may wish to provide a case study in a condensed and reformatted version, which can be submitted as a press release. Note that a more detailed version is available to download on your website.

Testimonials: Using a testimonial in a case study will help make your company’s benefits believable and build a great reputation. Use quotes from happy customers to showcase your excellent service.

For use in a lead generation campaign: Your case study can make an excellent giveaway – call it a “free download” or provide snippets in an advert, landing page, email or direct mailer to entice your reader to sign up and download the full document.

Post or email it to prospects and customers: This is a great way to push prospective customers further down the sales funnel and even convert them into customers. It is also a good way to keep in touch or raise awareness about a new product or service.

Use at a trade show: If you are attending a trade show, a case study is an excellent way to document your company’s success with its clients. Stand out from the clutter of brochures and flyers with some hard facts and statistics, documenting how you really made a difference.

Let your Sales/Business Development team use them: Salespeople love case studies. Whether it is for a sales pitch or a presentation, they can be used to illustrate key points and as testimonials. Case studies are often more believable and engaging than a company brochure.

Use it in your newsletter: Generate high readership on your newsletter by including a strong case study. Success stories based on your company’s product or service will earn you high readership levels.

Use as a topic for talks: If you or one of your colleagues needs to deliver a talk at a conference or meeting, a case study can make an excellent presentation. Convert some of the content into PowerPoint slides and print off copies to hand out.

How to create a strong case study

Writing a convincing case study requires a focussed approach. To help you create and structure your case study effectively, Bellcom Worldwide has created the following guide.

Click on the image below to download your free guide!


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