How Much is a Marketing Asset Management Solution Worth?

Pressed by senior business executives to maximize the return on marketing spend, astute marketers are aggressively seeking ways to boost the productivity of marketing operations. They now recognize that increasing the efficiency of marketing operations can be a powerful way to stretch limited marketing budgets.

In response to these demands, many marketers are turning to marketing asset management solutions to streamline and enhance the productivity of the marketing supply chain. MAM solutions can enable companies to eliminate costs, significantly reduce obsolescence waste, and expand the use of customized, more relevant marketing messages and materials. For companies with distributed marketing models, MAM solutions can also enhance the marketing efforts of sales channel partners.

Despite these powerful benefits, however, many marketing and financial executives don’t have a clear picture of how valuable a marketing asset management solution would be for their company.

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How Marketing Asset Management Solutions Create Value

For a business organization, the value of any product or service is ultimately based on how it affects bottom-line financial performance. The best definition of value in a B2B setting is the total monetary worth of the benefits that a company obtains by purchasing and using a product or service. Essentially, this means that a product or service can create value for a business in three basic ways. It can enable the business to reduce existing costs, avoid future costs, or increase revenues. The value of a marketing asset management solution is based on these same factors.

MAM solutions will provide two broad types of benefits for most companies. One group of benefits includes those that improve the efficiency of the marketing supply chain. These benefits create value primarily by enabling a company to reduce existing costs or avoid future costs. The second group of benefits includes those that improve the effectiveness of a company’s marketing campaigns and programs. These benefits create value primarily by enabling a company to increase revenues.

To estimate the value of a marketing asset management solution for your business, you’ll need to identify the benefits you’ll obtain from the solution and then quantify the value of each benefit. The diagram below shows some of the marketing value chain benefits that companies typically obtain by using a marketing asset management solution.

I’ve just released a white paper that describes the benefits that a marketing asset management solution typically provides and explains how to measure the value of these benefits. If you’d like to obtain a copy of this resource, send an e-mail to ddodd(at)pointbalance(dot)com.

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