How Marketers Can Convert Web Site Visitors into Instant Phone Leads for Sales

Prospects are browsing your company’s site all the time. They may have specific questions that, if answered right away, could be the difference between a sale and the visitor leaving for a competitor’s site. To get answers, they often fill out a web form to have someone from your sales team contact them, with that lead being emailed to a rep or queued up in a CRM system.

But how long will it take for a sales rep to respond? That lead notification email could be just one of many and get lost in a sea of white paper and webinar download messages. Or if the rep isn’t logged into CRM, they may take hours, even days, to give the lead a call. By then, the lead could have grown cold, lost interest, or purchased from a competitor.

According to industry data by Leads360, a sale is 22 times more likely to happen when you make contact within the first five minutes. Waiting even ten minutes dramatically decreases your chances of converting that lead to a sale. What’s more, research by LeadsQual shows that leads that fill out forms with multiple vendors are far more likely to purchase from the first one that calls. Speed really matters.


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Convert Web Visitors to Sales Calls with Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Voice-based marketing automation has tools that make it easy for prospects on your site to talk to the right sales rep right away. Using voice-based marketing automation, you can generate immediate connections from any online form, including “contact us,” demo request, and content download forms.

Here’s how it works: Whenever a prospect completes your form and clicks submit, the system will immediately call your sales rep and “whisper” the lead’s information in their ear. This can include the name of the form that was downloaded, the lead’s name, and their phone number. If the rep decides to accept the call, the system will call the lead and connect both parties over the phone. It can be a very effective strategy for reducing web site abandonment, decreasing lead contact time, and increasing lead conversion.

You can also configure the system to call a sales rep’s different numbers in a specified order. So for example, it can call their work phone first, then their cell phone, then their home phone, and so on until the rep is reached. So even when a rep is away from their desk or out of the office, the system can still connect them with a hot lead. You can also set up rules for which sales rep gets called first when a lead comes in. If that first rep isn’t available, the call can be routed down a predefined list until a rep is found.

You can set up the process so only leads from trusted domains will trigger a call to your sales team. Plus, each lead is captured in your CRM system, so marketing can get credit and include it in lead reports to management. And you can view more detailed web-based reports on call quantities, duration, and lead source.

You can even optionally record the calls for sales forces with agents who frequently travel and might not be able to take down notes during the call.

If you are interested in learning more about this technology, you can watch a quick 2-minute video on web lead conversion.

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