How Coca-Cola Can Teach Your Company to Be the Real Thing

Coca-Cola It’s the real thing

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Many of us do not like change, in fact, we resist it every chance we get. We prefer our lives to be structured and designed around routines in hopes of no disruptions; secretly wishing everything stays the same. It’s as if it’s an innate trait in all of us, as soon as we feel contentment and stability our minds are made up, we simply do not want anything to change. This resistance we feel doesn’t just affect our personal lives, but it also resides within our businesses, however, companies do not have the luxury or option of having things stay the same and nor should they.

Don’t get me wrong, it is essential for businesses to have some structure and daily routines, but they should never override the bigger picture or overall goals of the company. Life changes, customers change, and therefore so should your company. This doesn’t mean you have to do a complete overhaul either, it just means you shouldn’t fear letting some things go or adding new ideas into your company for it is the only way it will evolve.

A perfect example of a business that accepts change is the popular soft drink Company, Coca-Cola. They have been around since 1892 and are listed as a Fortune 500 Company, but even after all these years they are still making changes within the business.

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Over the years, Coca-Colas transformations to their Company and products range from alterations made to their brand’s logo, to the shape of their bottles and catchy commercial jingles. For instance, remember their 1971 Coca Cola Commercial – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)? We all still love that commercial and as expected, wish it was still one today, but as the 70’s generation has grown up and new ones have been born, Coca-Cola has changed right along with them.

Coca-Cola Bottle Evoluton

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Even today, the Coca-Cola Company is continuing to make changes. Recently, they re-designed their website to look more like a magazine and called it “Coca-Cola Journey”. It offers categories, which include stories, brands, videos, opinions, and blogs, to its visitors. Topics range from business to entertainment, both about the Company and that of other news. This paperless magazine shows stats about the Company’s success and displays how social Coca-Cola is online, as well as, makes it possible for you to follow them on various social networks. They are transparent by enabling you to discover who their investors are and which brands they have acquired over time.

This change is not a huge one, but it is a clever one. Using the same concept of a paper magazine, Coca-Cola has designed their website to provide useful information, familiarity, and a social hub to their fans. They have offered a place where people can learn, discover, and share, which will ultimately create an emotional attachment to the brand itself.

Coca-Cola Journey Website

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Instinctively we all fear change and try to prevent it from happening as much as we can, but just like Coca-Cola has, we should embrace it. Admittedly, not all change is good, but there is the notion that nothing good comes from staying the same either. It all depends on how far you want your company to prosper.

Coca-Cola is a successful Company that has been around for a long time and it is still making changes. Therefore, no matter what your company sells, how many years you have been in business, or how much money you have made, the key to your business prevailing is to make sure it never becomes complacent, because change, “It’s The Real Thing” to true success.

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