Effective SMS Marketing

An effective, well-run SMS marketing campaign can meet your users on the go, offering relevant, useful content at times they need it most. But when SMS is overdone, users shy away from what would otherwise be a useful tool. Below is a guide to some of the right ways to use SMS marketing and other methods you should avoid.

Apps and SMS

Applications such as the one available from Groupon are comparable to SMS marketing campaigns because they allow you to meet your users at any time, wherever they go. The Groupon app is a great example of one that allows users to get paperless deals on-the-go, without the hassle of remembering coupons.

Much like these apps, your SMS campaign can track previous purchases so you can update users with quick, relevant information wherever they go. And that’s a point of reassurance for users. Rather than receiving notifications and messages that feel like random guesswork, your messages can be specialized and direct, relevant to the user’s location and preferences.

How SMS Is Conducive to Effective Marketing

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SMS is fast. You have a direct, immediate way to communicate with your users who are on the go, even more so than with email, web or social media. As mobile users generally read texts within four minutes of receiving them, this is a fast and direct way to communicate with consumers.

SMS can quickly turn viral. Friends and family members can easily forward relevant coupons or notifications to keep their network informed about your sales. They’ll consider it doing a favor to their circles, and you’ll enjoy that four or five more people have seen your ad. This is even more encouraging and ensures that what you are sending users is relevant, useful content.

SMS helps you track users. By keeping track of what users purchase after they receive a notification, you’ll be able to target their future needs and know how well certain users respond to notifications.

Why SMS Actually Helps Mobile Users

It’s important that mobile users are well informed of the many ways SMS marketing can actually help them. When you learn more about your user’s interests through tracking, you can better meet their needs in the future. When you communicate with your users via mobile, you don’t waste their time with lengthy web content. The goal isn’t to pester your users, but to provide them a useful service.

It’s important that users know this is the point of an SMS campaign: You want to provide them with helpful information. You don’t simply want to sell things. Let them know.

Conduct a Respectful SMS Campaign

Some consumers might be hesitant to sign up for an SMS application because they worry the marketing will be more annoying than beneficial. But you can alleviate much of this worry by being respectful with the amount of notifications you send. The quickest way to lose users is to bombard them with random messages, at all times of the day. Instead, make sure the content you send is actually targeted towards their interests, at a time that is beneficial for them.

If you can communicate all of this to your users—that SMS can save them money, that they won’t be bombarded with repetitive content—then you have the ability to truly help your users on-the-go.

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