Customers Can Be Tough Judges

Today they have many choices and can be tough judges.  increase customer retention  tip

You want to increase customer retention to them to keep buying your products or services.

But identifying the best way is not always easy.

If you have a great product or service that gets your business in the race to keep them buying.

However, it is the total customer experience including service delivery that needs looking at when you want to retain your most valuable customers.

There are many ways to keep customers. Choosing and focusing on one at a time can increase their satisfaction with your company and increase sales and profit.

One is saving them time.

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It is a way of using simplicity to increase sales and help make sure they are not tempted to seek out your competitors.

It doesn’t have to be a massive amount. It does need to be in an area that is important to them.


The areas you focus on will depend on what you sell, as there are no blueprints that work for every product or service.

If you sell a service then the first place to look is your service delivery process. Are there any areas involved in the delivery that you can simplify by cutting their time during the process?

For example, a cleaning business I know has started to implement a policy of leaving a card that shows what they have completed at each visit. They also suggest what should been done which means customers do not have to think of their future needs.


Sometimes simple design changes in your products or services can reduce the time customers take to use or consume. You may think they are insignificant but to customers time saved adds up.

When they reorder, do they have to go through the same process or are there short cuts you can give your current customers.

If you look at some software, they make upgrades simple by automating it. Just think of the time this process saves customers’ time. Can you incorporate the same approach reducing a manual process with automation?

Sometimes it is the packaging of your products or services that save them time as they use or consume your products or services. Simple changes can make the experience more enjoyable and take out possible complications.


If you look at the total process of there is sure to be one part that you can simplify.

By stepping out processes and gaining feedback, you can gain insight that you may have overlooked.  No product or service is perfect and discovering ways to simplify to retain your customers can grow your business.

Time is important for most customers and may be a stress driver. Removing this stress driver can lead to your business getting the growth you desire.

 Over to you. Do you look at where you can simplify your customers’ experience? Have you any tips regarding saving time that have helped your customers and your business?
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This article originally appeared on M4B Marketing and is republished with permission.

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