Crossed Wires: Finding New Business Through Improved Marketing Communication

In the new age of marketing, a well-informed marketing consultant will attest that certain strategies can seem stilted and stale. With so many companies relying on the internet today more than any other tool to encourage word of mouth, the approach can sometimes seem cold and detached – almost defeating the purpose of promoting a cause or business that was created with passion. Many old school styles of advertising had an energy and personality that modern tactics lack, even though companies can have their promotional cake and eat it by utilising new technology and opportunities to their advantage. We should be looking to combine the two to achieve the best possible effect. Here’s how we can make the best of our resources in the years to come…

The internet is a great tool for business if you know how to use it. However, promoting your business or activity in the form of ad pop-ups and bars at the top of web pages is often less than ideal. Pop-ups are the modern equivalent of a high-street salesman pestering you at every turn on the way home. They are annoying and mostly ineffective considering how many people employ advert-blocking add-ons for their browsers that ensure they never have to be seen. In truth, the most effective online marketing approaches are those that seek to engage rather than to sell, an approach that our marketing consultants have said for years that has now been backed up through a study by Adobe.

Old-fashioned newspaper advertising space is still a great way to promote events and businesses’ considering the readership of online newspapers is under 4 percent compared with the percentage of the still strong printed newspaper audience. The general public will always spend more time with a printed newspaper than when scrolling through web pages – and that isn’t going to change, even though the medium itself might struggle. For now at least, companies willing to employ the right marketing strategy could still see some success through print media.

Face-to-face marketing events can still make far more of an impact than you may realise and is far more likely to engage clientele than flashing adverts on a website. Trade shows and events in the high street or indoor shopping centres can be a great outlet for drumming up business with the use of giveaway items to promote your business as it makes the public feel involved. Whilst many companies invest in printed brochures and flyers, simply handing them out to passers-by is no longer enough. Instead, take a creative approach to marketing by tucking flyers or promotional leaflets in a giveaway ‘goody’ bag. In this way, people are far more likely to give leaflets a glance when they get back home, whereas individual flyers are usually found in the shopping centre bin on the way out.

Venues with families and young children are a particularly great source for marketing activity if it’s relevant to your business. A free promotional item such as a plush cuddly toy or balloon adorned with your company logo are a great way to encourage word of mouth and is an ingenious way of including and pleasing all parties, raising awareness in the parents and making the kids smile! If the giveaway item can be something more permanent with a practical use, such as a pencil case or good quality pen, your company may remain front-of-mind for longer. As with any marketing activities, it’s essential to first understand your audience and weigh up whether the end result justifies the initial spend.

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