Choosing the Right Call to Action for Your Printed Postcards

The call to action on your postcards is perhaps the most important piece of content included in your design. The call to action directs and pushes the consumer to take the next step in your sales funnel. Without a call to action, consumers will not know what to do because the general purpose and idea of the call to action is to inform consumers on the exact move to make after receiving your postcard.

However, including an unclear or misdirected call to action can be just as detrimental to the success of your postcard printing campaign as no call to action at all. You may want consumers to call your business number, visit your business website, or come directly into the store after having received your postcard. You have lots of techniques at your disposal, but choosing the right one – and avoiding the wrong ones – is key.

Simple Phrase

Did you know that there are hundreds of different, short call to action phrases that you can use to trigger a response from your customers? After creating the important content for your postcard, you have to come up with the big finale, the call to action. One common technique is a simple statement. You may recognize a few of these:

  • Call Now!
  • Drop by Our Store!
  • Visit Our Site!
  • Read More…

These are just a few examples. The key is to give the customer direction. Use a short, simple command followed by details. For example, after the “Call Now!” call to action, list your phone number.


A common technique when using postcards is to make a part of the card tear away as coupon. This acts as a call to action because the coupon tells the customer what kind of special they will be getting if they use it. You can have customers use the coupon in store or offer them a promotional code that can be used on your website. Either way, coupons are an excellent way to give your customers that extra push. And die cut postcards are only marginally more expensive.

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QR Codes

QR codes have become increasingly popular over the past few years as well. These codes can be scanned by smartphone users, providing them with all the information they want and need to know about your business with a simple scan. Using these codes as a call to action on your postcard would make sense, especially if your targeted audience are individuals who own smartphones. Just make it clear what your QR code leads to, whether a landing page for a discount, coupon, or a form to enter a contest.

Time Sensitive

While not a call to action in and of itself, making your call to action time sensitive is a powerful way to encourage your customers to respond quickly. For example, “Drop by our store this weekend to receive a 20% discount!” This short statement gives the customer a clear message while also putting a time limit for a response, which encourages quick action.

Postcards are a powerful tool, but all too often the call to action is ignored or used the wrong way. Keep it simple and make sure it’s time sensitive to truly get the most out of your campaign.

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