Bacon Shortage: Is Marketing To Blame?

Bringing home the bacon might be tougher next year.

When I first heard about the imminent shortage of bacon…well, I don’t know about you, but I panicked. Not that I eat a lot of bacon, but still…tell me I can’t have something and I want it all the more.

There’s a term for that, it’s called coveting.

Bacon has always been a popular food – it’s sweet and salty and it smells amazing. Not to mention that it’s not just a partner to eggs anymore. You’ll find it in muffins and ice cream. There’s bacon sushi, bacon art, costumes made of bacon and you can order a bacontini. There are websites and books devoted to the “love affair with bacon.” Burger King even offers a bacon sundae.

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Businessman holding package of bacon in one hand and cash in the otherI had to wonder, is the predicted shortage of bacon the result of an exceptional marketing campaign, word of mouth on steroids or some other external factor?

As a business owner, how do we know if our marketing is working? or working too well?

  • If you run a service-related business, there is a shortage of you. If product-based, a shortage of inventory.
  • When demand exceeds supply, confidence rises and businesses can say: ”No thank you” to lower prices or less appealing projects or clients.
  • Income and profitability can increase.

It seems evident that “bacon beyond breakfast” has boomed in the last few years. On average, each person in the United States consumes almost 18 pounds of bacon a year. The spread of unusual recipes and bacon creation images via the internet and social media, not to mention eating establishments advertising their bacon offerings, have certainly contributed to bacon’s rising popularity.
Has this bacon-mania caused the shortage? Possibly.

The National Pig Association, based in the UK, announced the impending pork shortage but they blame it on the weather causing grain cost hikes.

I prefer to think that the increasing popularity of bacon has been the result of a proliferation of creative uses of bacon and the corresponding exposure in social media and various marketing channels.

So bringing home actual bacon may be a little more difficult next year. But telling the world about your service or product — making it coveted — will certainly help you bring home the figurative bacon.

Wouldn’t you like to experience increased demand? Get cooking: market and promote! The worst thing that could happen would be not enough “you” to go around.

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