5 Marketing Tips for a Successful 2014


Let’s start the year off by focusing on the basics. Only you know exactly what 2013 was like – what you tried, what you avoided, how successful you were. But no matter what last year had in store for you, here are five things that you should be doing this year in order to drive more business:

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1.       Improve your mobile visibility. Everything you do should be first focused on the mobile experience, because by the end of 2014, many people expect that mobile traffic and sales will make up the majority of all web activity. This means redesigning emails and your web site if you have not already done so for mobile. And it means exploring mobile advertising opportunities like search and display ads.

2.       Work on building your email list. Whether you are using email marketing yet or not, you should work on developing your email marketing program in 2014. That starts with a strong email database. Use lead generation and email capture techniques to grow your list and start sending out a monthly newsletter or promotional offer.

3.       Optimize your website for search. You’ve likely heard of SEO, even if you’re not doing anything about it. Well it’s no longer acceptable to ignore it. The majority of all web traffic comes through major search engines, and if you’re not ranking on the first page for key terms associated with your business, you’re losing business. Review basic SEO best practices and put them in action, or hire a firm to help you out.

4.       Participate in social media. Facebook and Twitter are now public companies. YouTube is owned by Google. Pinterest and LinkedIn are growing. Social media is not a fad. In fact, it is increasingly becoming a more successful way for companies to connect with customers. So it is important that your company has a presence. Creating profiles is quick and easy, and you can find someone to manage them for you if you don’t have enough time yourself.

5.       Test new things. Don’t hesitate to try something new. The marketing environment is changing rapidly, and you should not be content with the status quo. Opportunities abound for small businesses all over the world, and this is the year to take risks, make necessary investments, and find new ways of driving business.

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  • Very useful points mentioned. It is necessary to optimize search time for customers and thus if needed, use tools which can aid in identifying the most searched things on website and have an ease of access for the same.

  • Zach great point for number 2: Work on building your email list. It’s all about building the new asset and what business owners, digital agencies, entrepreneurs and other brands are starting to understand is that the asset of the future is not clicks or likes or views. The asset of the future is: How many people want to hear from you tomorrow?” Permission.

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