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Apple Marketing

When I think of companies that have had highly successful marketing campaigns, the first one that comes to mind is almost always Apple. After spending years in the shadow of Windows, it made a comeback in a massive way when they switched their focus to mobile devices. Using that popularity, they launched themselves back into the public consciousness with the Mac computers, as well. It is truly a story of an old dog not only learning new tricks, but creating its own.

I have read so many articles over the years about Apple, many of which are blatant fans gushing about how great they are. Others are more informative, talking about the evolution of the company or reviewing the latest releases and rumors for upcoming ones. My favorites are those that take a good, hard look at how Apple managed to market their product and become the powerhouse they are today.

So why Apple is so successful? Here are five great articles on Apple marketing.

1. Case Analysis: Apple Inc; 2008

Case Analysis: Apple Inc; 2008

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This well written analysis was done for a Harvard Business Case base in 2008. It looks at how they branded and marked the first iPhone, and the changes that were integrated for different demographics. For example, they look at how the marketing was adapted for consumers in India. Very thorough, this is the one to go to for a glance at how they used Strategic Management models to push their new product.

2. Apple’s iPhone 5 Marketing Has Begun: A Case Study

The iPhone 5 was released last year, and the hype for it was huge. Mostly from Apple, which has always been good at whipping up a frenzy around their products. When news of the iPhone hit consumers, it was through a hosted event where bloggers, online influencers and media sources were invited by the company to attend. Everyone knew what was coming. Already, rumors of the iPhone 6 are starting to circulate. This article looks at how Apple has handled hype in the past, and is a great read to see what to expect with the new release somewhere on the horizon.

3. Apple’s iPhone 3G: A Marketing 50 Case Study


This is part of a 50 case study in marketing by Ad Age. It looks at the iPhone 3G in particular, which is still a popular model being used by many iPhone users who chose to stick with it rather than buy the latest release. Because this is a print magazine’s online edition, it does cost money to read the full article. But it is actually a great magazine subscription to have if you are interested in marketing and advertising.

4. Talent Management Lessons From Apple: A Case Study of the World’s Most Valuable Firm

This is probably the most thorough article I have ever read on the topic of talent management and Apple. It is a four part series, which looks at the history and policy of the company. It also looks at it not as simply a really successful business, but the most ‘valuable’ in the world. Giving it an interesting perspective that is a must-read.

5. Apple Brand Case Study: A Closer Look

More interested in the way they have managed to establish and grow their brand? This is one element to Apple that has always been fascinating to me. Not because they have been so successful, but because they had already been well branded before. They actually managed to rebrand their image into something completely new, and this article explores that fact. It also looks at brand loyalty, which is one important part of the Apple success story. People who love Apple really love Apple, and that was always the case to a point. The PC vs Mac debate has raged on for decades, and now it has expanded under the wider banner of their mobile devices.

Apple is a fascinating company that has created a marketing strategy that can’t be beat. These five articles explore that campaign in depth, and look at the wider policy and plans of one of the most powerful companies in the world. One that has changed the world of technology forever.

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  • Hey Ann,

    Thanks for the detailed case studies on Apple. I think more people should be aware of how they made their comeback and the strategies they implemented.

    My colleague Krista actually created a Slideshare of tips based on Apple’s ecommerce strategies such as personalizing the shopping experience, teaching your customers to create brand loyalty, and more.

    Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. 7 Ecommerce Tips: Learning from Apple –



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