3 Reasons Why We Love Responsive Website Design

After spending the better part of a day building a website for a client in one of the new responsive design WordPress Themes, we discovered 3 reasons why we love responsive website design. We were delighted, watching for reactions from Romeo (the little black dog), to see that he was excited about the same features and results – as indicated by a combination of tail action and specific vocal sounds.

Little Black Dog Social Media & More, Responsive Web design

For those not familiar with the idea of responsive design, Pete Cashmore recently explained it beautifully in a recent Mashable Post (12/11/2012). “In simple terms, a responsive web design uses “media queries” to figure out what resolution of device it’s being served on. Flexible images and fluid grids then size correctly to fit the screen.”

Here are the reasons –celebrated today – why we love responsive design for websites:

1. The designs – Most WordPress themes created in responsive design are simple, clean, and very elegant – in visual/artistic terms. Clearly, simplicity of design lends itself to re-sizing. However, many of these designs are so classically elegant that we found ourselves stopping just to enjoy the visual appeal of the sample pages.

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2. Versatility – The vast majority of the responsive design themes incorporate several options for page and post layout and format, as well as numerous other options. We found it difficult to be bored by any of the designs we considered. Customization options made almost every theme we considered appropriate for our client’s needs.

3. Scalability – The ability of the design – or the “media queries” – to determine the type of device you are using to view the web page and then re-size everything proportionately so it fits that screen is amazing (especially for those of us who recall the days before computers). Instead of hoping your site will be reasonably clear on a tablet or a Smartphone, you can calmly begin to build your website, secure in the knowledge that when you finish, your content will be clear, appropriately sized, and readable on any device. You don’t need to build your site three – or more — different ways to reach your entire audience (regardless of their device of choice).

Romeo, little black dog social media & more,

Romeo, the little black dog, is always ready to stop working and play with his friend Sadie Mae

We believe these three reasons we love responsive design might be enough to persuade you to try it for your next website or site redesign. In the interest of full disclosure, we believe you should understand that Romeo, the little black dog, cared most about the third reason – scalability. He becomes more vocal, and his tail becomes more active when he sees work coming to an end and playtime approaching.

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