3 Keys to a Successful Billboard

Billboards have been the foundation of countless advertising campaigns and they are one of the most popular choices for those using outdoor advertising. This is because billboards are a proven advertising medium that have withstood the test of time, first showing up around in the late 1800s and continuing to be a viable option for advertisers today. Although billboards continue to be a staple in outdoor advertising, they are not all created equally. Here are the three keys to creating a successful billboard that can add value to any marketing plan.

Get Creative

Due to the fact that billboard advertising has been around for such a long time, people are used to seeing them everywhere. This is why it is important to make your billboard unique and eye-catching as the audience will ignore it if it is the standard boring rectangle they have become accustomed to. This can be done many different ways and the possibilities are virtually endless.

One way to make your billboard stand out is by giving it an unconventional shape. People are used to seeing rectangles and if your billboard has aspects that protrude out from the normal rectangular shape it will grab their attention.

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Another option is to make use of the surrounding area and environment around your billboard. Incorporating the surrounding environment adds a unique and interactive element to the billboard that makes it stand out from traditional billboards.

Simple Messaging

While the design and structure of the billboard itself should be creative and complex, the message it attempts to convey should be just the opposite. The creative aspects are used to grab the audience’s attention, but once you have it you want to deliver a simple and powerful message. Billboard are very effective for branding, and keeping the message simple is the best way to do this. This idea is especially important for any billboards that are placed along roadways as the audience will be driving by and will not have much time to absorb the message.

Choose the Right Location

This key may be the single most important aspect to a successful billboard. After all, even the most creative design and potent messaging will be wasted on a billboard that is placed in the wrong location. Prime location will vary from billboard to billboard depending on the messaging and target audience, but there are a couple standard attributes of a good location for a billboard.

The main factor to consider when choosing a location is the amount of potential impressions that will be gained from that location. Basically, you want to think about how many people will be viewing you billboard each day, as this is what you are paying for. Another factor is the amount that you will be paying for this location. To find the ideal location you must compare the cost against potential impressions to decide where the best value is. As mentioned before, roadways provide a great location for billboards and offer the potential of multiple impressions per day if placed on a route that people travel multiple times a day. Other examples include heavily populated metropolitan areas or local sporting arenas.

These are the three main factors to consider when buying billboard space. Every billboard marketing campaign is different, but adhering to these three key points will maximize the effectiveness of a campaign. As with any advertising medium, there is a right way and a wrong way to do billboards; and this is the right way.

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