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Loyalty is About the Consumer, Not the Business

In our harried world of news, noises and conversations, there is one thing businesses can do now.

Focus on the Consumer Better

focus on consumer for loyalty in digital media

There is no excuse for this atrocity. It is just laziness and justification. Stop lying to yourselves. You are losing that battle daily. Let me show you how…

Who is monitoring the results of these actions?

Users are giving you real time feedback. ( what businesses use to say if they had, they could do a better job helping their consumers, as well as making better profits)

Social Networks Could Learn

Facebook charges for promoted posts http://socialfresh.com/facebook-promoted-posts-go-live/

How is it Facebook user’s problem, that Facebook created a platform with no business revenue generating model attached?

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People are weary and pissed off that you use them to build popularity, then proceed to choke them when they talk. Please stop telling me it is free so we can’t complain, bull hockey. They need us! We have let ourselves become the hamster in their wheel. We can as easily take our conversations else where and they will have nada. ( tex mex slang for nothing)

Big Business Could Learn

My friend Sam Fiorella talked about this in his post on Rantitude. He loves Delta Airlines ( we love our Southwest Air ) and yet he gave them great feedback on how they can uplevel their “loyalty program” into something that has real meaning for Sam. Sam wants better accessibility to airport lounges, improved access to seat upgrades, and free onboard WIFI.

How hard is it to deliver that to someone who tweets frequently

and I bet uses your name, hashtag or @?

What would be the effect if you gave it to consumers one at a time, as you read it by each consumer on twitter?

Improving your sentiment and WOM online – raising your loyalty factor.

  • Would you rather make excuses on why you have not figured out how to give it to everyone, or build momentum over time organically?
  • Guess which one we ( your consumer )want?
  • Are you asking better questions yet big brands? ( we are spoon feeding it to you )

Grow a pair, step off the PR platform of vanilla answers placating and insulting us. I can admire you taking decisive and incremental action, much better than feeding us excuses on how you want to roll it out to all consumers and it NEVER happens. Or if it happens, it occurs so many years later, I ( your consumer ) left you already (like the wife of a dead beat lazy husband).

Get Back to Basics

  • You want loyalty, then give it to me in ways I value and want to use it.
  • You want loyalty, then recognize it is not about a trade with me, it is about serving me better than your competition.
  • You want loyalty, stop trying to trick me and let’s make real choices that matter to us both.

You want loyalty?

Be loyalty worthy

(after all I am only a tweet away)

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