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Creating Loyalty With Your Clients Through Social Media

Loyalty through social mediaThis past week, I was reviewing some figures regarding clients and it is amazing to me that some clients have been with the company I work with for over 30 years. Wow! – That is loyalty and trust!

Here is a list of items I have found that have really helped me.

  1. Are you online everyday for people to see, hear and communicate with you? (People need to see you and know you are there on a consistent basis)
  2. Listen and listen more. (Some people tell me in person that they appreciate my posts. People aren’t wired to leave comments online all of the time)
  3. Send some type of message to your clients each day. (Having a blog is a great start)
  4. Integrate traditional media with online marketing and social media. (Think of it as a number of different channels)
  5. Get Personal. (Thank People, Address questions, Start Conversations, Share Thoughts)

To accomplish this task, I am working more on creating the following

  1. Quality Messages – Have a purpose
  2. Specific information about my company or experience
  3. Learning more about integrating video into this whole mix.

In addition – – Be proactive in examining data

Review Analytics more and more – – Google Anlaytics is all you really need to get started. I have been analyzing my data for 2012 and there are a lot of trends that I will be working on in the future:

Here are a few highlights:

  • Mobile is growing
  • Brand awareness is growing – more people are returning and using our company name as a key word
  • Google+ is coming back in a big way for directing people to our website
  • Twitter and Linkedin are strong sites for referrals Pinterest referrals is falling off
  • Bigger audiences on both coasts and the south. -Also international, especially Europe


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The above post looked at loyalty form a marketing side. Loyalty is all about providing your clients with the best product/service and backing it up with personal client service. If this is isn’t in place, the above post is just a bunch of words.

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