Your Biggest LinkedIn Mistake Can Be Easily Fixed

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  • Gerry, this is one of my pet peeves, and your tips are fabulous.

    Here’s a million-dollar tip I created and started using about 2 years ago. Every time someone invites me to connect, I respond with the following message:

    (Name), great connecting with you here.

    You might want to follow me on Twitter at @PublicityHound and on Facebook, where I share PR and social media tips almost daily at

    Let me know where I can follow you.

    Let’s stay in touch. Be well.

    * * *
    Gerry, here’s the best part. The only thing I have type is their name! The remainder of the reply was put into a macro key using Shortkeys. I have been way behind accepting invitations to connect on LinkedIn. When I dove into the backlog this week and started sending that reply, I noticed that the number of my Facebook fans is way up! Feel free to share this cool tip with your community.

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