Why You Need a Photo for Your LinkedIn Profile

So you are updating your LinkedIn profile, or you are establishing one in the first place. You may think that your words and your work history are enough, but you may need to include a photo on your LinkedIn profile.

Did you know that some recruiters may automatically reject considering you for a job if you do not include a photo?  They reportedly negatively assume one or more things about you.

Assumptions about not including a photo

One is that you are a technophobe who doesn’t know how to put a photo online. In a world where technical skills are so valued, that is not a reputation you want to have, especially if you are marketing yourself as a computing expert.

The second assumption is that you have something to hide, which is why you are not publishing a photo of yourself. That isn’t the type of impression you want to make, either. Granted, maybe you are, with good reason. For example, you are over 40, and are worried about age discrimination. This is an understandable reason not to include a LinkedIn photo, but here’s the thing. If you end up getting a job interview, they will be able to figure out your age from seeing you in person anyway. So you’re not going to be able to hide your age.

So career coach experts advise that you put a photo of yourself in your LinkedIn profile. But even putting up a photo isn’t enough. It needs to be the right type of photo. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Pick a professional-looking photo: You can either get one taken professionally, or get a friend or family member to take one of you. Aim for a headshot with a plain-looking background. You don’t want a photo of yourself on a roller coaster, or at the beach.
  • No other people should be in the photo:  It is your LinkedIn profile, not your and your child or spouse’s LinkedIn profile. Stick to just a picture of yourself.
  • No party pictures:  Even if it is a picture from an office party, it’s not a good idea to have some sort of party photo as a LinkedIn shot for you.
  • Look approachable in the photo:  You don’t want to give off vibes of looking like a mean person or somebody people cross the street to avoid. Smile and look friendly.

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  • Qnary says:

    It has also been determined that LinkedIn profiles with photos are SEVEN TIMES more likely to be viewed, so if you want recruiters to take a look at your page and consider you for the job, choose a picture (keeping Lisa’s tips in mind, of course) and get your headshot up there!

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