Top 10 Strangest Titles You Can Find on Linkedin

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  • Just when the world thought that Facebook was full of all kinds of people (just like the society itself, of course!), it is now Linkedin’s turn to show its teeth.
    I am not really sure how successful those funny job titles in finding someone to hire you. Or how well they indicate those persons’ real skills and qualifications. Maybe there are employers out there who want that: an office clerk just to make coffee, and I wouldn’t be surprised to that!

  • Great stuff, Saul. My LI friends and I regularly note humorous or clever titles as well…wish I had kept a list like this! And you’re absolutely correct…+10 points for creativity, -10 points for too MUCH creativity, which ultimately blocks one’s chances of being hired or making optimal connections.

  • Personally I can’t take titles like this seriously! So how a prospective employer would I have no idea! Apart from the slight humor factor ‘oh look who is this character’ who decides to describe themselves as a ‘wizard’ or ‘demi god’ Maybe they stand out though? But for all the wrong reasons?

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