Three Incredibly Common LinkedIn Mistakes That Will Kill Your Results

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  • I found LinkedIn Groups to be tremendously helpful when I was given the responsibility for operations at the U.S. manufacturing operation for an Ireland-based firm.

    I sourced new telecommunications and multi-function copier contracts at significant savings thanks to recommendations from local business owners (I did not live in the same city where I worked).

    Additionally, I was able to source several tons of mussel shells, in six weeks at a lower cost, than corporate procurement had been able to do in three years.

  • Thanks, Ian. I have struggled to make use of LinkedIn other than make contacts with others I already know and the occasional comment to articles such as yours. Although I do FB occasionally I often find so much of it a time killer – like watching daytime TV. I appreciate that LinkedIn is a business platform and can result in good worth-while connections. I do admit I hit the accept button with no attached response thinking, someday, when I have time…
    I think your last comment about “Time boxing” is critical. I find it difficult in my job to box time but know it should be done. I often go through unopened e-mail in a hurry at different times of the day – never giving it full attention, and never knowing how much time is spent. There’s no code to write down on my time card for networking so Iv’e allowed this to happen – I’m guessing it is ineffective at best. Thanks again.

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