The Power of LinkedIn Groups

Recently, I started logging into LinkedIn on a daily basis with the goal of making some fresh and beneficial connections.

Quickly, I found myself clicking down the “blackhole of social media” (you know when you click so much you wind up somewhere you never expected and can hardly remember how you got there).

But this time, unlike my previous social media blackholes of Facebook and Twitter, I found myself surrounded by great connections, and more importantly, really great content.

Through LinkedIn’s iPad and iPhone app, I’ve spent some time searching and found beneficial and up-to-date articles without having to sort through photos of pets, kids, and my colleague’s last spaghetti dinner. I didn’t waste time weeding through mindless updates and (admittedly hilarious) ecards to really find the business-related content I needed.

I took some time to comment in group discussions, which reinforced my position as a thought leader and I was able to identify some extremely intelligent experts and exchange insightful dialogue.

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So since I’ve rekindled my affinity for the site, I find it imperative to reiterate our Top Five LinkedIn Group lists into one solid blog post, that is definitely worth reading and sharing.

In those past posts, we identified the top LinkedIn groups for Finance, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Enterprise Mobility. Below is a full list of all the groups we’ve identified and if you don’t start joining these groups, you are wasting a perfectly great resource!

Enjoy..and share!

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