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Social Branding: How To Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint

Optimizing your social media / LinkedIn profile is key to you managing your social brand. Using this The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint will help you make your social brand work a little harder for you!

I just returned from SAP’s field marketing kick-off meeting where we provided social media brand tune-ups using a similar format as the blueprint outlines.  Many of the 2,000 people who stopped by our Social Media Genius Bar had their profiles tweaked and enhanced to highlight their true brand! There are many platforms on which your brand can excel, however, one of the key components to your social brand is your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the digital hub for your experience and network of past, present and future clients! You need to invest some key time into your profile because it is the first thing that your contacts check out when they meet you are going to meet you. Did you know that LinkedIn states that only about 50% of users have a completed profile? This under-completed profile is an enormous missed opportunity to be found and to position your social brand!

How To Build The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Use this social media blueprint to help you build your perfect LinkedIn Profile.

Social Branding: How To Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint image Slide111

2013 LinkedIn Profile Character Limits

Knowing the space with which you can work in your LinkedIn profile is key to helping you build your perfect social brand! Here are your character limits:

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  • Headline – 120 characters to fill with keywords and a short story about you!
  • Summary – 2,000  characters to tell the story or YOU with keywords and  accomplishments
  • Experience/Position Title – 100 characters to sum up your official experience in a title, or something more creative with keywords
  • Experience/Position Description – 2,000 characters to use keywords to sum up your role and your key accomplishments. Make sure to format this area to make sure it is easy to read!
  • Skills & Expertise – 61 characters for the 50 skills you can list
  • Status updates – 700 characters for an unlimited times per day, however, I recommend only one or two per day. And you can include a hyperlink if you need more room!
  • Groups – 50 groups is your limit, so pick them wisely to show others with whom you are keeping company!
  • Education/Degree – 100 characters to explain your degree to include relevant keyword phrases
  • Education/Activities & Societies – 500 characters to give an overview that can tie into your career
  • Education Description – 1,000 characters to offer an overview of what you studied and how it is relevant to your career
  • Additional Info/Interests – 1,000 characters to further explain your background and show how interesting you really are!
  • Honors & Awards – 1,000 characters to shine the spotlight on YOU! Even if you won a sales award, it’s a great accomplishment to list!

I would love to know if you have a tip or trick with the way you use LinkedIn! If you do, please comment below or reach out to me directly at You can also follow me on Twitter @GerryMoran.

Good luck with fine-tuning your social brand with the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint! Once you update you profile, please reach out and link in to me at!

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  1. Anne Pryor says:

    Love the Project format. Thanks for the character guidelines.

  2. Dan Criel says:

    If you like this format, check out “The Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post”, a great article published on B2C in 2011.

  3. Eugene says:

    Hello Gerry, thank you a lot for this article.
    I’m opening a linked-in account for my company and now have a nice guide =)

  4. Great post Gerry! We don’t really need to have a very long description in our profile,it is much better to make it more specific so that the person viewing our profile can easily get the informations that they have to know about you.

    • Thanks, Barbara! I go back and forth with the short vs. the long description. Short is great for that powerful 2-3 sentence value-prop approach. Longer lets you tell a story.


  5. One more thing that I almost forgot about?
    Gerry, have you ever published any similar articles but about Twitter?
    I couldn’t find any =(

  6. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for the comment!I have a How To Build The Perfect Retweet at and am finishing up How To Build The Perfect Tweet and How To Build The Perfect Twitter Profile for release on Friday and Saturday!


  7. Eugene says:

    Hi Gerry,
    Thank you for heads up – I’ll be looking forward to read your next articles.

    Best regards.

  8. Eugene says:

    And since we’ve been talking about long vs short posts, couple years ago I’ve came across one great article regarding this matter.

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