Six Alternatives to LinkedIn Questions & Answers

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  • I’m with you, Kent. I like LinkedIn a lot and worry about them trying to be too much like other social networks instead of just continuing to improve on their strengths. I felt like the Q&A section was a strength and wish they had chosen instead to improve it. The Endorsements feature was another odd step, especially for a network which seemed to promote VALUABLE connections, rather than just connecting just to have followers. Some of the other changes they’ve made have been great, and there recent brand page enhancements are hits among the misses. I’m hoping they find a way to reintroduce the Q&A.

    Thanks for showing us all different options!

  • I wish they would not pull the plug on it either. Also, one more option to consider would be the questions option within Facebook… of course, it is not the most effective for all purposes, but it is merely an alternative!

  • LinkedIn actually allows anyone to join 50 groups. You said “for better or for worse…”

    I think it’s “for better.” Joining 50 gives all the people in all those groups the ability to find you, if they’re looking for people in Groups when they use the search function.

    The other big benefit is that you get to talk to people within those groups (including journalists, bloggers, etc.) even though you are not connected to them. Groups are where the real relationships are being formed.

  • The problem with each of the alternatives you mention is the “typical” LinkedIn member posting a question to the LinkedIn Q&A Forums, especially in the “Using LinkedIn” category actually believes they are posting a question to LinkedIn Customer Service.

    It is unreasonable to assume somebody generally unable to distinguish the LinkedIn Q&A Forums from the LinkedIn Help Center is going to have the knowledge and/or inclination to find and go to a LinkedIn Group or leave the LinkedIn website for a destination like Quora.

    What LinkedIn management has not yet learned is the “product” of LinkedIn is its membership rather than the glorious website design and format, and the most important task for LinkedIn management is to keep the LinkedIn member’s eyeballs on the website by engaging the members in every way possible.

    The “typical” LinkedIn member spends less than seventeen (17) minutes per month visiting the LinkedIn website compared to the four hundred fifty (450) minutes per month spent at the Facebook website by the “typical” Facebook member.

    The cost of providing the LinkedIn Q&A Forums is nil, and should serve, if for no other reason, as a place to engage LinkedIn members, especially those new LinkedIn members much as Microsoft still includes “games” with Windows as a way of getting new users adjusted to handling a mouse.

  • I am sad too, I think it is a mistake and one that will be felt quietly and slowly without any real perception of the loss it has created.

    I asked a question about “Answers” 4 months ago when I felt certain this was coming.

    Unfortunately, LI has refused to invest in and change the forum and consequently the forum lost credibility.

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