Measuring the Impact of a LinkedIn Status Message

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  • I can not understand why LI is killing features that allows users to engage via member-created content. You mentioned the Activities section on Profile as one. The bigger one was 86ed a year ago – Signals. It was a powerful filter. My clients are sales teams and I used to teach sales managers how to use Signals to monitor the reps posts for coaching purposes and to share Best Practices (posts) amongst the team. I am looking for an app to replace this capability.

  • Dear Kurt,

    Thanks for your kind comment, LinkedIn changes “stuff” all the time, most days in fact and whilst I don’t always agree with them, it just is as it as and we just need to get on with it.

    Status (and Signals as was) is just one small part of the strategies to make LinkedIn work, so I think you need to put these things into context.

    Content is one way to engage the audience, but engagement through referral in your own network is a lot faster and shortens sales cycles to. It all depends on your networking approach, your audience targets and what outcomes you want. Most solutions and strategies are influenced by someones role and those foci.

    Social proof such as recommendations for the people, team and business are more important now than ever before with the amount of “noise” and smoke out there right now of who says they’re good versus those that really are.

    Hope that helps a little but have a great week ahead.

    Best wishes,


    The Linked In Man

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