LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform May Surprise You

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  • Thank you Jeff for this really informative post.
    No I had not as yet realized that the option I heard about some time ago was now live. Not got the “pen” next to my account but going to investigate right now, I can see the potency of leveraging Linked In in this way too thanks!

  • Hi Jeff, I published my first post yesterday and got the analytics this morning, couldn’t understand the impact the first post made but your article was informative, I wonder when they say seniority, industries etc did as many people really read the post?? Also how does LinkedIn decide on who should be invited to publish (since I was, I am still not sure what criteria helped me make the cut- if you could elaborate on this one)

  • Hi Jeff thanks for the great post. I was recently invited to post on the LinkedIn Publishing platform. I started only posting a short headline and link to my blog. But I will now test an article withing the platform itself and see how the stats roll on that. Cheers Kim :)

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