LinkedIn Tips and Advice Part 2 – Company Page Optimisation

linkedin-tips-company-page-optimisationIf you are looking at LinkedIn as your next digital marketing project, then don’t forget to spend a decent amount of time focusing on your ‘company page’ – here is the one for Red Rocket Media as an example.

Fresh content is a must

You will notice immediately that the bane of all social networks crops up again – the requirement for fresh content. Provided you have the content on your website, this is a case of posting the link when you publish something new, a process you’ve most likely got in place already (if you haven’t, you need to create a checklist of things to do and places to share your content when you press the publish button). I’ll cover some tips for optimising these posts in a later blog in the series.

Firstly, you need to look at what you already have on LinkedIn (if there is no page already, then you will need to create one – LinkedIn has their own comprehensive guide to creating a page).

Do an audit

Assuming you have a page, you need to audit the information that is already on the page.

  • Is the address accurate?
  • Is the website address correct?
  • Is the size and industry correct?
  • Is the ‘about’ information correct?

It is easy for this to go out of date when you change your products or services or open a new office. You might also find that the way you talk about your company has changed since the last time someone looked at the content. Optimise the profile by thinking about who you are likely to be talking to and what they are likely to be interested in. Use keywords and terms that are used by your target market.

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Logo and Banner Image

Your logo is a 60 x 60 pixel file and appears in a square. Ensure that you resize your logo so that it works within a square else it might get cropped strangely. There is also another logo called “Square Logo” which is a smaller image. You could use an element of your logo if text looks too small at this size (50 x 50).

You will also notice that there are banner images on LinkedIn which you can use to promote your own unique branding and messaging. The image size is 646 x 200. Unlike Facebook banner images, you can put messages on these, so use them to reinforce your marketing.

How many followers should you have?

According to Social Media Examiner’s post, LinkedIn has stated that you need 100-200 followers for your company page to start making an impact. Followers are the main people who will see any updates to this page, so they are the ones you need to target.

Add a ‘Follow Company’ button to your website

You can encourage people to follow your company by adding the LinkedIn ‘follow’ button to your website. You can build the code to create this button here:

Add admins for the page

It is easier to keep the page updated if you have multiple people who are able to add content. They need to be your connections before you can add them.

This should now give you an accurate and up to date platform upon which to build your content and followers.

Miss you part 1?

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