LinkedIn Endorsements May Be Okay After All

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  • You have been endorsed!
    Now come on!
    Endorse me! Yeah!

  • Thank you for the endorsements, Taariq – I have endorsed you, too..but only because I have seen evidence of the magic you can work!

  • Ed Brophy says:

    Personal Branding And Profiling Your People Skills:

    The most important and the most highly paid form of intelligence in America is social intelligence, the ability to get along well with other people. Social intelligence is also known as human engineering or “people skills”:


    Imagineer, Problem solver, open minded, change leadership, never considers failure, sense of urgency, unshakable optimist, meaningful specifics, resourcefulness, open networker, takes initiative, encourages others, critical thinker, team synergy, shares knowledge…and the list keeps going.

    “Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into the sun.” -~Pablo Picasso

    Even in lines such as technical engineering about 15% of ones financial success is due to technical knowledge and about 85% is due to one’s skill in human engineering.” ~ Dale Carnegie, Carnegie Institute, How To Win Friends annd Influence people.

    Most skills belong to skill sets. You have the ability to list up to 50 skills.

    The “85%” or so of your people skills should be listed to highlight how you go about orchestrating your technical skills.

    Ed Brophy,
    Open Endorser’s Group

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