LinkedIn Endorsements: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

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  • I have made it clear in at least a couple of posts on LinkedIn that I do not value endorsements and think it’s a lousy product that breeds misuse. I don’t endorse people and I don’t make public the endorsements I receive from others. I think the “I’ll endorse you, now you endorse me” concept it’s likely to foster is what makes it valueless, unlike it’s long-time recommendation feature. LinkedIn endorsements put me in mind of the “buy 1000 Twitter followers today” concept. Not quite the same, for sure, but both smack of “I don’t care who you are or how well I know you and I don’t care to get to know you. Just be another statistic for me, please.”

    • Sharon – thanks for your feedback – it’s interesting to hear what people have to say about this. On one hand, the endorsements popping up keep your name “top of mind.” On the other hand, it may seem a bit insincere and “gimmicky.” Stay tuned for “Mentions.”

  • I agree with Sharon. In fact, I have written a couple of posts on my blog about my feelings regarding endorsements. One hundred and sixty six people have endorsed me on Linkedin. Of these, one hundred and sixty five are strangers – we have ‘met’ only on Linkedin. They have no idea whether what I have said about myself in my profile is true or not. Yet not only have they endorsed me for the skills I listed on my profile but they have also endorsed me for skills that I don’t have and have never claimed. As I said (tongue in cheek) on my blog “I’m tempted to try a little experiment . . . to list one of my skills as ballet dancing (something I’ve never done in my life), and to see how many people I can get to endorse me!”

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