LinkedIn Endorsements and Why They Are Important

A little while back, we published a blog that instructed you how to write a great LinkedIn profile. As we discussed then, LinkedIn has become a huge presence in the social media world. It has also influenced the hiring process of many, many companies. LinkedIn is a way for companies to find professional job candidates who have laid out their skill sets, talents, and employment history for the world to see.

LinkedIn has a ton of great features that are beneficial to both job seekers and hiring managers alike. One of the most popular is the ability to endorse the skills of people you have worked with (and hopefully for them to endorse you).

So what are LinkedIn endorsements? On your LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to complete a section that is titled Skills & Expertise. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a seemingly endless list of job skills. You should choose the ones that apply to you in all of your jobs, both current and past. From here, people who are in your network will be able to endorse those skills.

An endorsement pretty much means that yes, I have worked with this person and seen them exhibit this skill or trait in person. Most often, former or current colleagues are going to be the ones who endorse your skills. Friends or family members can endorse you too.

A recent infographic published by LinkedIn talks about endorsements. Their findings showed that the more endorsements a LinkedIn Endorsementsperson has, the more likely their profile is to be viewed by others on the site. In short, the more endorsements you have, the better you look to potential employers and other professional connections.

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In fact, the article states that you are up to 4 times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have endorsements. This could be extremely beneficial to anyone who is actively seeking a job.

While I’m not the leading expert on endorsement etiquette, I think it’s perfectly appropriate to drop a line to any former managers or coworkers who know you are a hard worker and ask them to please endorse any skills that you have listed that they think apply to you and your work ethic.

This could be a good way to start building and managing your personal brand. Like with anything, you’ll need to put some effort and keep up with your LinkedIn profile. One thing you should do is list your best skills first.

When someone endorses you that skill goes right to top of the list, making it easy for people to see. I suggest managing your list, so you can be in control of what skills show first.

Check out your LinkedIn profile today and make sure that you have all of your relevant skills listed, that way people who view your profile can endorse you!

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  • Ed Brophy says:

    Once upon a time only big corporations and politicians had the clout and capital to influence the marketplace with endorsements. Now Linkedin has leveled the playing field with this personal branding tool.
    Open Endorsers are Open Networkers – only they have more skills.

  • I’m hearing lots of people complain about being endorsed for skills they don’t have by people they don’t know. Endorsements are the lazy way to recommend. Just write a strong recommendation instead.

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