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linkedin social prospecting

You know LinkedIn is a great way to find a better job. You may have used LinkedIn to land the great sales job you’ve got now, but did you know that this website is also a great prospecting and social selling tool?

Are You Really LinkedIn?

You probably already have a LinkedIn profile, but the profile you have may not be the profile you need to go prospecting for clients. According to Toan Dang of Ecquire, you need to set yourself apart by using targeted keywords, an awesome avatar, sweet headlines and catchy content.

From there, you need to go to Groups and join groups where your clients are likely to congregate. Jump into the discussions and make a name for yourself. Youll be surprised at just how many likely prospects ask you to connect.

Follow the companies that interest you and not just by clicking the button. Check out the company profile, then check out their people and take a peek at their content. Get to know who should be on your radar and what really grabs them.

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10 Ways to Expand Your Reach Today!

If you do those simple things, you’ll already be ahead of the competition, but dont stop there. Use these ten simple tactics to boost your contacts:

  1. Raid your professional inbox.
  2. Link up with friends.
  3. Link up with family.
  4. Join your organizations and affiliations on LinkedIn.
  5. Connect with other members of those organizations and affiliations.
  6. Endorse people you know and take a peek at the other people endorsing them to find people you may have forgotten.
  7. Break out your yearbooks and graduation programs to find old classmates.
  8. Dont forget your professors and teachers.
  9. Reach out to hobbyists who share your interests.
  10. Finally, politely hit up all of your new connections for more introductions.

You never know which contacts are going to provide you with the inside track you need to access the client of your dreams. By casting a wide net, you may pull in some unexpected social prospects right on the spot.

Take the Cold Out of Your Calls

LinkedIn is such a powerful prospecting tool because it takes the cold right out of your calls. Follow these three easy steps to see for yourself.

  1. Take a close look at the profiles of the people you want to contact. Find out what makes them tick, and give yourself the inside scoop on the person you want to sell to.
  2. Look up and down the organizational food chain to find out more about the people who surround your target. This will help you verify that this is the right person to talk to, and it will give you a glimpse into the organizations inner workings.
  3. Leverage your connections to make introductions to your prospect.
  4. Use LinkedIn messaging to make pre-call contact with your target. You can ask to schedule your call for a mutually convenient time, so you’re sure to get the attention your offer deserves.

Take prospecting to the next level with LinkedIn, and you’ll discover that you can generate golden leads that are worth following.


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  • Great post Koka.
    Super useful tips.
    One watch-out for B2B selling is stay away from using LinkedIn for unsolicited contacts. While LinkedIn allows it and in fact charges for it, experience has shown that LinkedIn users are very resistant to spamming through the system.

    But as an intelligence tool, a pre-sales credentialization tool and a follow-up messaging tool it is terrific for B2B.


    Scott Armstrong
    Brainrider – Better B2B Marketing

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