Lessons from the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013

As a LinkedIn Company Page administrator, I’m always keeping an eye out for brands that connect with their communities in engaging and meaningful ways. Managing a page well requires a keen eye for interesting content, quite a bit of creativity and a true understanding of who your followers are.

That’s why I’m thrilled that the LinkedIn Company Pages team crowdsourced and honored the best Company Pages of 2013 earlier this week. LinkedIn members vouched for each of the 10 companies on this list, confirming that they’ve done an amazing job of sharing compelling and relevant content.

Here are five lessons I picked up from the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2013:

  1. Share images and rich media to drive engagement
  2. Grab attention by leading with snappy intros and compelling facts and stats
  3. Start conversations with your community by posing thoughtful questions
  4. Make high quality content snackable by sharing bite-sized posts with links to additional content
  5. Sponsor top performing content to raise brand awareness

Check out the full list and more tips in this Slideshare:

Do you have other tips for running a successful LinkedIn Company Page? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter @cheesycons.

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  • Diana Swan says:

    Thank you so much for this article, most definitely feel inspired. Linked in is part of my homework for the Holidays, it is a platform I have not given enough attention to but will start now.
    Thank you

  • Terri Blumatte says:

    None of your links to other subjects are working. I tried three, they just hang there.

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