How To Find A Job Using LinkedIn

Find a Job Using LinkedinHas this ever happened to you?

  • You’re on LinkedIn but not getting calls from employers …

  • You don’t know what details to include in your LinkedIn Experience …

  • You don’t know which industry “keywords” to include in your LinkedIn Summary …

… if so, you are not alone.

LinkedIn is an incredible job-searching tool — but only if you use it right. And that’s the problem. Who has time to master all the “ins and outs” of LinkedIn when you’re busy trying to find a job? Luckily using just a couple of basic tips will help you start getting your LinkedIn profile under control and start attracting new opportunity for you.

Tip 1. Use LinkedIn groups to crack the “semi-hidden” job market.

LinkedIn is loaded with a variety of local, niche specific groups that are open to other LinkedIn members. So what? You might be asking. Well these groups are a magnet for hiring authorities and experts in your industry. For example where I live in Sydney, there is a Sales group on LinkedIn with over 1,000 members. These are 1,000 other salespeople in my local market. Joining and then asking a few questions within this group is a great way to source a referral on someone looking for a new salesperson.

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Tip 2. Setup your virtual CV to get hired faster on LinkedIn.

Take the time to really fill in and complete your LinkedIn profile. Your professional profile will be one of the first things people see when they search for your name. Also strive to keep a level of consistency in the descriptions you provide for your previous positions. What I mean by this is that if you use one paragraph of text followed by five bullet points for one job description then try to keep this format for all of them. A professional head shot works extremely well. Taking the time to setup your virtual CV is the best way to improve your chance to find a job using Linkedin.

Tip 3. Use the right keywords in your personal summary.

Your summary is located at the top of your LinkedIn profile and should include easy to read text outlining your skills and your goals moving forward. However if you want to be in a position of having companies start to approach you for opportunities then it is important to include keywords in this description that employers will use to search for candidates. So if you are an accountant make sure you include all the relevant keywords an employer may use for their search (CPA, Tax, Small business accounting etc).

Find a Job using LinkedIn

Getting your LinkedIn profile under control turns will help you build credibility with new prospects and attract new business. If you don’t have your LinkedIn account setup now head, take a few minutes out of your day now and start by making just a few small changes. It’s worth it.

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  • Great points. Those who work on the inside of social recruiting will tell you that most hiring on LinkedIn takes place when recruiters proactively find and approach target candidates there, rather than relying on job adverts to pull in a suitable shortlist. That’s why I always advise candidates to follow the types of ideas outlined here. Thanks for sharing!

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