Do You Collect or Connect on LinkedIn?

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  • Johnathan says:

    Did you know that when you send out an invite from LinkedIn the invite form auto-populates with the name the prospective connection uses in their profile. I didn’t know this, so many of my invites had the recipients name twice.

    It bothers me that LinkedIn does this as it removes my ability to build rapport by knowing the name my prospective contact prefers.

    • James Potter - The Linked In Man says:

      Dear Johnathan,

      Yes indeed, but then I would never (ever) use any of the templates that LinkedIn has by default.

      With our relationships being personal we should always personalise our interactions. The challenge with this is the mobile apps where none of them give you the chance to customise the invite, so always invite from a desktop device.

      Have a great weekend and thanks for the comment.

      Best wishes,


      The Linked In Man

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