Case Study – How to Use LinkedIn to Land Clients

LinkedIn is the professional social network for business development and marketing purposes. If you haven’t created your profile yet, make sure you read my previous post, The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet as soon as possible, and get started growing your network. With over 161 million members to date, you can’t go wrong.

A friend of mine asked me if I knew of case studies where businesses actually landed new work through their LinkedIn endeavors. I responded, “Yes, of course” and he said I should start writing more about that because that’s what really matters in the long run right?

Due to my previous work with law firms, I’ve heard of many stories of lawyers and professionals getting new clients through networking in relevant groups. It takes time and there’s no guarantee. Adding everyone you meet at offline networking events as a LinkedIn connection is also a must-do so you can follow up accordingly.

I recently read an article, LinkedIn gave a firm a head start in race to land clients, and I wanted to share it with you as it’s applicable to other industries as well.

Financial firm lands clients through mutual connection introduction

An advisor with Lawing Financial, a financial advising company, learned that a large advertising company in nearby Kansas City, was being sold. This advisor specialized in working with downsized executives and he saw an opportunity in this situation. He worked with his firm to see if Lawing Financial had any mutual connections with the advertising company.

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After looking on LinkedIn for 10 minutes, they discovered that both companies used the same graphic artist and public relations person. The advisor called his connection and asked for an introduction. Accordingly, that introduction led directly to signing up several ex- employees of the advertising company as clients at Lawing. It also led to other advisors within Lawing becoming very interested in social media (of course).

Case studies such as these can be applied across every industry and business type. It requires people to think a bit differently and outside the box. Instead of looking in the yellow pages or your rolodex, look to your LinkedIn connections for valuable connections. You never know who knows who and what opportunities are out there.

The above case study also requires that you stay on top of the news and check LinkedIn regularly. You should also make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully up to date so you can always put your best foot forward.

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