B2B Lead Generation on LinkedIn

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  • The Sponsored Inmail is just the kind of suggestion I needed. I bought a bunch of b2b contacts from Hoovers and LeadFerret recently And a bunch of them had links to the LI profiles, which would be great for leadgen, if I knew how to use it. I’m new to using LI for anything other than a resume, so I wasn’t aware there was an official LI channel I could take to contact these people (and was trying to figure out a non-invasive way to do it). Thank you!

  • you can buy data now with LI profile information? that’s weird….kind of awesome, but weird.

    anyway, timing of messages = super important. i have a time zone calendar tacked to my cubicle wall, and i know way more about who follows daylight saving time than most people i know. i’ve sent up messages to autosend for people on the east coast so i don’t have to get up super early. it’s extra weird when i’m traveling, but i’d rather close deals in the middle of the night than sleep in and miss something.

  • LinkedIn is a great place to generate leads especially if you are targeting businesses. It is important however that you know what you are doing. Engagement is also important, it is not enough that you connected make sure you socialize as well.

  • The widget for lead collection is awesome for anyone doing LinkedIn ads. It’s a terrific way to simplify the name collection process and should be enabled for all ads run on LinkedIn.

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