3 Reasons Why Linkedin Is More Than Social Media?

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  • Jacky,
    I just posted this to my updates on LinkedIn® so people in my network can be made aware of this.

    Please reply back to me and I will send you a request or you can send me a request to connect. I would be honored to have you as part of my Network on LinkedIn® to Share Ideas, Updates, and to Network concerning Employment Opportunities.

    Have a Great Day,

    Paul P. Mosley
    Penobscot Executive Search LLC
    A National Recruiting & Placement Agency
    Dexter, Maine USA
    (207) 270-6070

  • Jacky, you are absolutely correct that LinkedIn can raise your expert profile. Beyond, recommendations and endorsements, you can position yourself as a thought leader by thoughtfully engaging in groups and embedding samples of your work in your profile.

  • Thanks Paul, Koka and Cathy for your comments! Cathy, you’re right. By placing ourselves as thought leaders and sharing expert opinions in groups and showing your portfolio in your profile will greatly enhanced your brand credibility on Linkedin.

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Thank you. Great post. LinkedIn is still totally underutilized by many small businesses, in particular when they focus on B to B. I would love to get even more unput of ideas on how small businesses could take advantage of LinkedIn, maybe even a case study?

  • At first, I also made a conclusion that LinkIn is just like other social networking sites but after doing some research,I realized that LinkedIn is not just a social networking site. It helps entrepreneurs to have a long term term relationship with one another.Thanks for this article Jacky!

  • “Facebook with a tie”, that is just awesome.

    Well, this post really does help someone see the value of LinkedIn as a social channel. I’ve never really found any network other than LinkedIn in which I would freely share business-related conversations with people. Facebook and all the others just feel too “friendly” no matter how I look at them.

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