20 Awesome Facts About LinkedIn – 2012 Edition

LinkedIn Statistics 2012

One of my most popular blog posts over at Social Media for Law Firms is 20 Awesome Facts About Twitter – 2012 Edition so I decided to pen another similar post focused on the social media platform for business, LinkedIn.

I often wonder what kind of coffee the folks at LinkedIn drink because they have been rolling out a tremendous amount of updates recently. These range from revamped profile pages, updated LinkedIn Company pages, the ability to follow thought leaders, endorsements and much more. They’re doing something right because as of October 16, 2012, LinkedIn has over 175 million members. If you haven’t joined LinkedIn yet, I hope the following facts convince you to get started. Please feel free to add your own facts and comments in the comment section below.

20 Awesome Facts About LinkedIn – 2012 Edition

  • LinkedIn has over 175 million members as of October 16, 2012. To put this in perspective, LinkedIn had 32 million members in January of 2009 Tweet This Stat!
  • LinkedIn added 50 million members in 2011 alone. It took them 6 years to add their first 50 million users! Tweet This Stat!
  • The United Kingdom and Brazil are tied for third place as the largest countries on LinkedIn. Brazil just hit 10 members. India is second place while the United States is number one Tweet This Stat!
  • LinkedIn is expecting to reach 5 billion professional searches in 2012 Tweet This Stat!
  • There are over 1 million groups on LinkedIn. These groups contain between 2 and 250,000 members Tweet This Stat!
  • The mobile version of LinkedIn is it’s fastest growing service Tweet This Stat!
  • The LinkedIn mobile app had 12 options in 2011 and approximately 1 million users. In 2012, LinkedIn cut the number of options down to 4 and they saw an increase in the number of users from 10% to 23% Tweet This Stat!
  • Over 75,000 developers are using LinkedIn’s API’s in their own products and services Tweet This Stat!
  • There are over 175 thousand new LinkedIn profiles created every day Tweet This Stat!
  • Over 1 million publishers have implemented the LinkedIn share button on their sites Tweet This Stat!
  • Recently, 150 thought leaders were requested to create articles for LinkedIn on various topics. These individuals consisted of 1 Nobel Prize Winner, members with over 2 million followers, 1 McArthur Genius, 29 New York Times best seller book authors, all from 11 countries Tweet This Stat!
  • There are over 10 million endorsements provided on LinkedIn everyday Tweet This Stat!
  • The new LinkedIn homepage has been rolled out to over 175 million users Tweet This Stat!
  • There has been over 200% more social interactions since the LinkedIn homepage was redesigned Tweet This Stat!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the above 20 facts relating to LinkedIn in 2012. Do you have any other interesting tidbits about LinkedIn? Please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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