12 Ways to Improve Your Company Branding Strategy Using LinkedIn

Developing a strong company brand is one of the keys which determines how well you’re able to recruit and retain key talent in any market. Asian employees often view LinkedIn as the most professional social media outlet which makes it one of the best avenues to establish your corporate presence. There are 4 companies which seem to be doing company branding just right and I’ve compiled a list of 12 lessons to learn and implement from them.

Tata Steel

A steel making company is not the first company that comes to mind when you think about interesting social platform branding but Tata Steel sure does it right. Key takeaways from their page include:

  1. Upload a catchy cover image: The one they use simply makes their page interesting.
  2. Encourage Employees to Join Social Platforms: Tata Steel has nearly 12,500 on LinkedIn alone.
  3. Update your Company Page Regularly: They update theirs nearly every day and it’s all pretty interesting stuff!
LinkedIn - Tata Steel

LinkedIn: Tata Steel

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

Shagri-La Hotels and Resorts has a leg up on the others since they have beautiful locations which naturally serve as a content muse. That said, they do so much on LinkedIn that make them an awesome company doing branding right.

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  1. Announce Important Events Through the Cover Image: Shangri-La is currently announcing the opening of their London Hotel which also happens to be the tallest hotel in Europe.
  2. Use Pictures to Tell Your Stories: They use an image in nearly all their updates. It definitely keeps the page more interesting.
  3. Don’t Forget the Career’s Tab: It may seem like the most logical thing for company branding but many forget the power that LinkedIn now has, including the career’s tab. It requires a paid subscription to LinkedIn but is worth the investment to attract both passive and active job seekers.
LinkedIn: Shangri-La

LinkedIn: Shangri-La

Nikkei Asian Review

Nikkei Asian Review is one of Asia’s largest independent business media groups. With their key business being media it’s only logical that they lead the way for company branding on LinkedIn. Their page is not only informative but interesting and entertaining as well.

  1. Spike Curiosity by Using a Teaser in your Cover Image: Nikkei Asian Review’s says “See What Others Don’t” which makes one wonder, what they have to offer.
  2. Don’t Skimp on your “About” Section: By filling in all the information Nikkei Asian Review not only gives an introduction about the company but they also provide quick information about their specialties, website, industry, type, headquarter address, company size and when it was founded.
  3. Include Video Updates: At least once a week. Use YouTube like Nikkei Asian Review does and you’ll be able to cross promote social media platforms.
LinkedIn: Nikkei Asian Review

LinkedIn: Nikkei Asian Review

Berger Paints India Private Limited

There are golden rules to company branding that span across social media platforms and Berger Paints remembers them well. Even though LinkedIn is a professional network, we all like to have fun every now and then. Things they do intelligently on LinkedIn include:

  1. Ask Questions: One of the golden rules of Facebook is often forgotten by companies on LinkedIn. Encouraging people to participate is a good way to become top of mind when it comes to people hunting for jobs.
  2. Support Local Causes – Berger Paints encouraged their followers to participate in the Easy Clean India campaign. Supporting local causes through your company page shows people that you are aware of your social responsibility as a contributor to society.
  3. Use Entertaining Posts – This is another golden rule in Facebook which can set the tone in LinkedIn. Berger ties in entertaining posts along with their business very well, such as providing links to the meanings of different colors.
LinkedIn: Berger Paints

LinkedIn: Berger Paints

So, these are the 12 things you want to do on LinkedIn to have an awesome company brand. Remember the bottom line is to become the kind of organization people really want to work for. Have you seen any interesting things that other Asian companies are doing on LinkedIn?

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