10 Ways To Get Found More Easily On LinkedIn: Social Selling Advice

You’ve filled out your LinkedIn profile. You’ve uploaded your smiling picture, and you posted a few updates. However, you are not getting the LinkedIn profile views that you had hoped? You’re concerned since you understand how important your LinkedIn profile is for your social selling strategy. That social selling strategy won’t work so well if you cannot be found! How can you make your social brand work harder, so you get found on LinkedIn more easily?

Many business professionals, sales executives, small & large businesses and thought leaders stake their claim on the LinkedIn platform in hope to strike riches … in other words, they hope to be found for leads, business, sales opportunities, speaking engagements and other connection opportunities. You need to be able to be found in order to springboard your social brand toward leads and sales!

10 Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work Harder For Your Social Selling Strategy

I want to provide you a quick read to help you make your LinkedIn profile work harder. I’ve provided 10 ways to make it easier for others to find you on LinkedIn. I’ve identified an easy way that you can activate your LinkedIn profile strategy as if it is your personal pay per click campaign.

Slide11 10 Ways To Get Found More Easily On LinkedIn | Social Selling Advice

  • Customize Your LinkedIn URL. A custom URL increases your external visibility on search engines. If your name is taken, add your initial to the front of your last name or add your location to the end.
  • Customize Your 3 LinkedIn URLs With Anchored Text. Give your readers a better idea of what your sites about and add keywords to optimize Google search.
  • Place Keywords In Your Headline. Keywords in your headline will drive internal and external search. Your headline always appears in your Google search results, so make it count!
  • Use Keywords In Your Summary. Keywords placed in your summary will help your profile show up in LinkedIn and external search results. Go Google yourself!
  • Use Keywords In Your Experience Review. Include keywords in your job title to show up in LinkedIn and Google search results. Include keywords through your experience descriptions to help impact LinkedIn and Google search results.
  • Choose The Right Industry Classification. Choose the correct industry to make it easier to be found with internal LinkedIn searches.
  • Turn Off All Privacy Features. Eliminate most privacy features in LinkedIn to be found on LinkedIn and have a better chance to be found on Google and other search engines.
  • Join 50 Relevant Groups. Industry-relevant keywords will improve your LinkedIn and Google search, including geo-targeted search results.
  • Connect Other Sites & Channels. Let people outside of LinkedIn find you by connecting them your other social media sites like Twitter and your blogs.
  • Use Your Email Signature. Use your email signature to help people outside of LinkedIn to find and follow you so you can build your network’s reach.

Do you have another LinkedIn profile tip or trick to help your social selling efforts? If so, please comment below! Or, contact me directly at MarketingThink.com or via Twitter @GerryMoran.

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  • Great list! At PeopleLinx (www.peoplelinx.com), we’ve seen our clients reach their social business goals using these tips. I’d like to offer up an 11th tip: share content. Sharing content is a great way to build your brand and demonstrate your thought leadership. Additionally, when your LinkedIn connections comment on or share your content, it increases your exposure and extends your reach into their network of connections.

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