The 10 Things You Should Do On LinkedIn Each And Every Week

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  • Rob says:

    Spoken like somebody who’s living depends on social media. You can really tell who’s invested in SM and who doesn’t really care. Those who really care run around shout about how important it is, and everybody else just ignores them. Social media will not produce any ROI to any business and I challenge and SM expert to prove me wrong (hint I am not afraid of being proven wrong). I tried all the linked in tricks they tell you to ry in promoting yourself for a job search…not one worked. This is where the SM people say it’s either my SM strategy or the quality of my network but I dont know anyone else who has gotten a job via social networking either…other than social media experts. The truth is SM is a VERY small part of marketing nothing more, dont let them fool you into believing anything else.

    • Hi Rob, fortunately my living doesn’t depend on social media at all. It’s just another piece of my marketing toolkit and whether you’re using it for biz or career, like many things, it all depends on your specific goals and what you put into it. I’ve been lucky in that my social media/networking activities have resulting in press interview requests and paid speaking offers, so it’s definitely proven valuable to me.

    • Aimee says:

      As a technical recruiter, I use LinkedIn daily for finding qualified engineers. Most of my hires come directly from LinkedIn. I find people based on their job titles and keywords. Make sure your account is descriptive. Make sure your profile is viewable to the public. This is one of the biggest reasons you may not have people coming after you. If you aren’t searchable, then you won’t be found!

    • sunny says:

      REAL people do REAL business. Its amazing that less than 10 years ago social media didn’t exist and business (and the economy) seemed to be much more productive. Just saying…

    • Dr Robert Muller says:

      Hi Rob, SM is a long-term game. I have been at it for years and have built a substantial list of clients and potential clients. At an estimate, I would say that about 50% of my revenue comes through SM, particularly Facebook (believe it or not) and Linked In. As well, my business is an educational consultancy, not a business that many would associate with SM success!

    • Noeleen Griffin says:

      Hi Rob, I tried to see your LinkedIn page to see how you presented your self to the business world but couldn’t look at it. Maybe that is part of your problem. My daughter has found the past two jobs through LinkedIn recruiters. My son-in-law markets his business successfully on LinkedIn site, and keeps up with his connections in the industry.

  • Great tips Sandy. Maybe not every week for me, but definitely helpful. In 2013 1/2 of my eLearning service revenue was the direct result of keywords on LinkedIN. I was told by my client that I must be doing something right with SM.

    Ryan DeWitt

  • Social Media is so important and LinkedIn is such a powerful tool to share great ideas and networking. Great tips.

  • Kelsey says:

    I really need to be more active on my linkedin page.

  • Kelsey – even if you just start doing 1/2 of the things I list, you’ll likely see some new activity. And if you’d like some additional LinkedIn tips, check out this blog post which includes a free download for a DIY LinkedIn Profile Audit Tool:

  • Great tips Sandy! I think Linkedin is often overlooked as the least “flashy” social media site. However, for B2B or really any business connection, it is invaluable. I follow at least 8 of your tips faithfully, while also regularly posting original content to the home page and my groups. I need to work on keeping my profile updated! I will be sharing your article for sure!

  • Karen Lowe says:

    wow …love this … needed this …THANK YOU !!!!! :)

  • Sandy, your comments are succinct and helpful. May I note a couple of benefits we derive from following your suggestions? We get smarter [from the additional reading]; we appear smarter [to those who read our comments]; our writing and critical-thinking skills improve with the weekly discipline of commenting and contributing. I like the pay-off. I’m going to share this with my clients. Thanks!

  • All of your tips are extremely insightful. Thanks for tips and advice!

  • Those are great tips and so useful! Thank you

  • Debra, Samantha & Hope: Thank you, thank you, thank you! You ladies made my day! Glad my tips are of value and hope they bring about some new interest and awareness for you/your brand!

  • Lanier says:

    @Rob. I am sorry am hasn’t worked out for you but I can tell you it has been very lucrative to me and I am not even as active as I would like to be. Like anything else in life your attitude determines your altitute.
    @Sandy thank you for sharing, just last week I decided after several inbox request for my services. I really need to be more active on this platform.

  • Marie Tritsaris says:

    Thanks for the tips Sandy. For some time i’ve been wondering how i can better engage with Linked In. I now know where to start!

  • Ivory Dorsey says:

    Great reminders Sandy. The resources of Linkedin are so massive; to not get a “GPS” through it from time to time is to have a can of food and starving for lack of a can opener. It would be terrible to starve for connections, contact, and others benefits of Linkedin for the wrong reasons!! Great write up Sandy.

  • victoria baynes lopez says:

    loved the article. I think that you should always thank the endorser. And truly collaborate the efforts. What I have found is there are people who do not give you enough info on linked in and you want to help them or advise how to connect with you but you can only do that by accepting them in linked in then blocking. Has anyone experienced this and have advice? thank you.

    • @victoria Thank you for your comment and question. If someone invites you to connect on LinkedIn, and haven’t bothered to personalize the intro with something more than a “we’re in the same group” type of message, you CAN reply to them without accepting the invite. There is a pulldown that says “Reply without accepting.” I’ll explain this further in an upcoming blog post I’m working on for my site,, so feel free to sign up there to receive the post.

  • Marilyn says:

    Thank you for the info. Always good getting new tips.

  • If you are in B2B and using LinkedIn as part of your marketing, then these tips are great. My only suggestion is to do many of them daily given the shear membership numbers.

    There are automation tools such as Hootsuite that allow you to invest 20 minutes of a Sunday to schedule a week’s worth of postings.

  • Susan thanx so much for your input. It was like a LinkedIn pep talk. I’ll try to post about my skincare business & how it benefits your skin.Instead of just reading post of others, even tho my connections have put out some very interesting thoughts and ideas.
    Thanx again! Warm regards, Mary Lou

  • My LinkedIn weekly tasks always start on a Sunday. Every Sunday I will post a nicely compiled series of images of the events and structures we are using. I always post firstly to Public + Twitter and then share with my contacts. Why Sunday? Well the number of posts on a Sunday are greatly reduced giving my posts more ‘hang time’ on peoples feeds. They are often sitting in peoples feeds on Monday morning too. Also I target a number of clients across the UAE and Sunday still is quite a busy working day in this region. Through the remainder of the week I will visit my groups and comment / contribute as much as I can. I make it target to add at least 10 new contacts per week. The new contacts are easily gained by clicking on the see more at the bottom of the ‘People You may know Box at the top right of the home page. Here you will see a never ending list of 2nd degree potentials. Having already got a few contacts in common with these prospects gaining anew contact here is quite easy. Always use a personal not when making the request too. (we all like the personal touch).

  • Melanie (Delisle) Charron says:

    Thank You… I have been attempting to tell everyone I know they need to be on LinkedIn. As far as I’m concerned if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile you’re never going to get a real job… most people check you out on the web these days and LinkedIn seems to be the premier place to look for quality applicants. You are the Suze Orman of LinkedIn!

  • You’re spot-on, @Melanie and thank you kindly for that highest of praise! I hope you don’t mind if I post your “Suze Orman of LinkedIn” comment on my website – that’s a keeper! :) Here are a few more tips for you as a thank you:

  • pamarthi says:

    Great artilce and useful tips.Really, LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking platform, I am learning more, knowing more and understanding more with vast information and knowledge and ofcourse connecting with new contacts.
    kind regards to you

  • Debra Yearwood says:

    Great post. Like any tool LinkedIn is not a magic wand, but I do think that if you use it (and the trick here is actually getting on and doing something)it can bring lots of benefit. I’ve known people to get jobs and business related opportunities from LinkedIn. The HR people in my organization swear by it.

  • Beverly says:

    I am plugged into LinkedIn and search/review it twice per day.
    It’s a treasure hunt!

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