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Dolly Parton Supports LGBT Fans, Decries Christians Who Judge Gays

Dolly Parton Supports LGBT Fans, Decries Christians Who Judge Gays
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Why You're Still Stuck Losing

Why You’re Still Stuck Losing

Health & Wellness

Smoking will kill you. We all know that. We all believe that. You can’t present a legitimate argument that discounts the danger of filling your lungs with smoke. Smoking kills... read more

Hugh Jackman Nose Cancer

Hugh Jackman Undergoes Third Skin Cancer Treatment


Hugh Jackman has reportedly undergone his third skin cancer treatment in the last year. In a statement to E! News, the 46-year-old actors rep says he has undergone treatment for basal... read more

Oscar Taveras Moment of Silence

Oscar Taveras Will Receive Moment Of Silence Before World Series Game Tonight


The death of St. Louis Cardinals player Oscar Taveras is still weighing heavy on the hearts of the team’s fan. In observance of his sudden and unexpected passing, Major League... read more

Ebola Virus CDC Guidelines

New Ebola Guidelines Issued By CDC, But States Can Still Ignore Them

Health & Wellness

New Ebola guidelines have been announced by the U.S. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The guidelines specifically deal with different groups of people who enter the United States... read more

McDonald's - joining the culture wars, or just opposing the hate on fast food?

‘Lovin’ Beats Hatin” Slogan: Is McDonald’s Joining The Culture Wars?

Food & Recipes

Fast food giant McDonald’s may be stepping into the culture wars with its new slogan, “Lovin’ beats hatin’.” The company aims to launch the slogan with a Super Bowl commercial... read more

'Orange Is The New Black' Spoiler Alert; Guess Who's Returning For Season 3

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Spoiler Alert; Guess Who’s Returning For Season 3


“Orange Is The New Black” will be returning with a season three fix in 2015, but we have a juicy spoiler for the show. Haven’t gotten caught up yet? It’s... read more

Is Walking Dead protagonist Rick Grimes crazy?

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman Clarifies Joke Tweet: Rick Isn’t Crazy


When Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman tweeted a response to a fan theory last week, he created a stir among viewers. What appeared to be a joke tweet was just... read more

Ray Rice Halloween Costume

Ray Rice Halloween Costume Stirring Controversy


A Race Rice Halloween costume is stirring controversy all over the internet. The costume debuted less than two months after TMZ released a video which clearly shows Rice spitting on his... read more

Suitsy is the one-piece business suit - shirt included.

‘Suitsy’ Business Suit Onesie Crowdfunds For Execs Too Tired To Dress

Fashion & Beauty

  If you’ve ever been annoyed that dressing for work involved putting on shirt, coat, and pants separately, then the makers of the Suitsy are crowdfunding your dream. If, instead,... read more

Your Halloween Health and Fitness Tips

Your Halloween Health and Fitness Tips

Health & Wellness

Candies – calories – weight gain – DI the thought of Halloween party spoiling your fitness regime? Are you only thinking of the ever-abundant Halloween candies that can ruin all... read more

Amber Vinson

Amber Vinson, Second Nurse To Have Ebola, Is Virus Free And Being Discharged

Health & Wellness

Dallas nurse Amber Vinson is being discharged from Emory University Hospital. The nurse’s recent Ebola tests showed that she is virus-free. In a news release from officials at Emory, it... read more

Norman Reedus calls bs on rumors that he is opposed to Daryl being gay.

Norman Reedus Calls Bullsh*t On Rumors He Begged Producers Not To Make Daryl Gay


With the new season of The Walking Dead, new rumors about the characters have begun to stir. An old rumor is that Norman Reedus’ character, Daryl Dixon, is gay —... read more

Baby Wipes Recall

10 Brands Of Baby Wipes Recalled After Bacteria Discovered

Health & Wellness

Nutek Disposables, Inc. is recalling various baby wipes sold at retailers Walgreen’s, Family Dollar, Sam’s Club and internet retailer The recall has been issued because some packages contained bacteria.... read more

Dave Grohl: Foo Fighters Is The Dumbest Band Name

Dave Grohl: Foo Fighters Is The Dumbest Band Name



Dave Grohl thinks Foo Fighters is one of the dumbest band names in existence. If he had known the band would’ve have last longer, he might have thought of a different... read more