What Provides the Power to Your Goals?

Focussing on the Goals

This is one question that has been asked over times, and that is

“Do you have a clear plan or goals for your future, and if so, have you written them, so that they can be accomplished?”

If you are thinking that this question applies to persons who are into network marketing, then you are wrong. This question was the outcome of 1953 Harvard study that was conducted on its graduates to see how written goals affect their long-term performance. This study reveals that only 3% of the total members taken part in the study had clearly defined and written goals, and these 3% were earning 10 times the average of all the other 97% graduates put together.

It isn’t astonishing to know that by having defined your goals clearly and writing those down will make you more successful in life, than others who do not follow this.

The significance of written goals

A goal that is documented with specific steps, along with the time frame and date is more effective. This provides an understandable picture. The written goal clears the confusion and reflects the clear thinking of the mind. It expresses their possibilities, and strengthens their commitment.

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Goals do not always have to be oriented towards finance or career. It can be your health goals, like trying to quit smoking. Alternatively, the goal can be about practicing 45 minutes of yoga every day to stay fit. It can also be about relationship or about going on vacation.

Earl Nightingale, the renowned motivational speaker and author of “Dean of Personal Development” said, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”

If you do not know where you’re heading, then you fall prey to stress, fears, worries, and your life will be a failure. These things indicate the lack of will power to identify what you need to have in your life. This ultimately leads to unhappiness in life.

I will show you how to define and develop clear goals, and also how to develop determination.

When you begin to define your goals, try to put a deadline. It should have details on what you want to achieve, along with all the objectives that need to be covered to reach the deadline. You may find many paths, while working on this, however, take a path that leads you to accomplish the goal within the deadline.

The need of focus for accomplishment of the defined goal

You may have seen that when we catch sun’s rays within the magnifying glass, it has the power to burn anything in its path. The scattered sun’s rays do not have the identical power without the focus brought by the magnifying glass. In the same context if you put your greater potential towards focusing on your defined goals, the triumph will be mind blowing.

When you develop the ability of focus, it strengthens your self-motivation and growth within you. Ultimately, the mind’s concentration power is enhanced to a level; where you can direct all your vital energy to a particular channel to create a powerful self-influence to help you complete your defined goals. The motivation that you receive with self-influence is much greater than any other kind of motivation.

Let me share with you, what I think could be the best possible example for a not having determined about the deadline.  When working in an office I could notice that a colleague had pinned a poster that read “There is no Deadline” this was in bold and predominant by its style. And whenever I used to pass by or visit him for some official conversation, these words would make me think that it is a very peculiar mantra to follow and live by it.

For me, the sign “There is no deadline” meant – “With no deadline, means there is no clearly defined and written goals, means the path is infinite, and you cannot reach any destination to see the results.” It is just like a journey across a desert without a map and compass.

Finally, the project on which he was working on failed miserably. The person lacked deadline, focus, and without a defined goal, there was no objective and there was no positive outcome. Missing of the deadline sign could not inspire or excite others to motivate him or got involved to help him.

Brain Tracy, the author of the book “Eat That Frog” quotes – “Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines”

So when you have clearly defined and written the goals, it helps you to view and persist in them under any circumstance. If you need to amplify your success rate, then make sure you have the starting and the end point for everything in your life.

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