The CEO’s 2013 Leadership Pledge

LeadershipHaving read my recent post, “The Introvert’s 2013 Business and Leadership Success Pledge,” a colleague asked me to write something similar specifically focusing on CEOs. Through my experience working with hundreds of mid-market CEOs at CEO Connection, I can confidently say the most successful leaders follow this pledge ardently:

The CEO’s 2013 Leadership Pledge:

1. I will get the right people in the right roles. Immediately. Roles where they can leverage their strengths and still have room to grow.

2. I will happily shoulder the role of being Chief Steward of Values. Treating each employee with the respect due every human will be top priority; regardless of whether this is currently one of our “written/stated” values.

3. I will remind myself often, “It’s not about me.”

4. I will be attentive to the fact that everything I do, and not just what I say, sends a message. Employees will be watching me, as will customers, partners, competitors, “the street,” and leaders across industries. I accept the responsibility that accompanies this reality.

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5. I will admit what I don’t know, if not to my team then at least to myself. I will seek answers and expertise and ensure my ego never gets in the way of my company’s success.

6. I will set every one of my employees up for success, with appropriate resources and opportunities for development.

7. I will make leadership development a priority, recognizing that leadership must be strong throughout the entire organization and not just at the top.

8. I will commit to giving feedback, both positive and instructive, on a regular and timely basis with the intent of nurturing success in every one of my team members.

9. I will recognize the impact of our company culture on the day-to-day lives of each employee, as well as the impact on our company brand, and will cultivate an environment that attracts the best talent in our industry.

10. Most importantly, I will create a clear and inspiring vision of where I am leading the company, and will communicate to every employee, partner and collaborator how important their role is in bringing this vision to life!


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