Office Teamwork Should be Highlighted

Whether your small business has just a handful of employees or dozens and dozens of them, keeping everyone united on the same page can sometimes be tricky.

As many small business owners can tell you, running a company can sometimes feel like being a psychologist. You have to understand that you have various personalities under your roof, some of whom will not always work well with one another. When that happens, you must decide what is in the best interests of the company.

While there may not be a perfect solution to such a dilemma, there are possibilities that all business owners should explore in order to make sure their workers are doing the utmost for the good of the company.

Among the ways to keep unity high in your office include:

* Set goals – One of the best ways to make sure all workers are on the same page is by setting company goals. What can each employee do that will have a positive impact on the company, along with the customers you seek to serve? Each department should have set goals for the month, with those goals being reviewed on a regular basis. In the event those goals are coming up short, work in a productive way to increase them. Above all else, make sure encouragement and not discouragement is always the focus;

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* Dissolve problems quickly – It is almost inevitable that there will be some form of office conflict from time to time. With that being said, what you do about it does matter. Get to the root of the problem, seek a solution, and encourage employees from letting it happen again. Letting simmering tensions continue in an office can open up a whole can of worms that few want to deal with;

* Single out great performances – In a day and age when it seems like owners and their employees need 25 hours in a day, always make it a point to single out those performing well. Whether it is your top sales exec or your secretary who goes out of her way to help clients when they come to or call the office, never let a good job go unnoticed. Among the ways to do this include awards like discounts to local establishments, noting the workers and their efforts in a company newsletter, and bonuses where applicable. You can also take photos of the workers and display them and their achievements in the office, in a 2013 custom calendar or publication, and in contacts with clients. It seems easy to point out the things employees do wrong, so make an effort to highlight the positive actions they complete;

* Lead by example – Lastly, always set the tone for the office given you are its leader. In some instances, the man or woman in charge of the company gets so consumed with their workload that they fail to properly lead the team. As a result, the office can seem out of touch at times, not clicking on all cylinders, and not seeming like there is true leadership in place. While you can certainly set your own hours being the big boss, don’t wander in and out much or all of the time and then expect your workers to be at their desks bright and early until late in the day. If employees see that their owner is hard working, they tend to pick up on that spirit and work a little harder themselves.

While all offices are different, try deploying some of these tactics to make your company even better in 2013.

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