How Employee Attitude Affects Your Business

Motivated Employees

When your employees are not motivated enough to work for you, you could be losing a lot of potential business sales leads for your business, not to mention potential profits. What exactly does this do for your company?

  • When your employees are not motivated, they are easily distracted by the littlest of things. Be careful to keep your marketers focused when doing critical tasks such as market research and analysis, as any errors could lead to the targeting of wrong business sales leads and wasted finances. Not you mention they would have to do everything all over again.
  • Unmotivated employees give only the results that are needed, and I don’t mean that in a good way. For example, you asked your lead generation specialist to deliver a business list of 5000 qualified leads to your office by the end of the week. By the next day you found his assignment on your desk: a list of 5000 businesses. The only problem is, the contact information is not complete. Some have only phone numbers, others only have email addresses. Some only have names. Furthermore, there is no report to indicate why these people and businesses were considered as qualified business sales leads. But when you ask you lead expert why his task looks like this, he/she would simply reply: “you only asked for a list of 5000. You should have been more specific about what you wanted.” There goes initiative out the door. If your employee had been better motivated, he could have completed all the contact information for each b2b sales lead, these would be arranged in a spreadsheet where you could sort out the data using various criteria, and would have given a report indicating what criteria was used to qualify all these leads.
  • If you fail to motivate your employees, you might as well say goodbye to the future of your business. There would be no room for expansion in your company, as no one is motivated enough to think of innovative ways to improve the current business operation and model. Your weekly or monthly meetings to discuss effective b2b lead generation marketing strategies always end up with the same decision: “Because the last one we used before is not broken, why fix it? Let’s just keep using it till it breaks.” Of course, this mindset means your business is bound to reach a plateau. And even if you’ve been in business for years, you can’t call yourself truly successful because you’ve never been able to increase your profits.
  • Allowing your employees to remain unmotivated will further affect how they treat your clients and potential sales leads. Instead of giving the best service to your clients, they will only give the minimum required to solve the client’s problem—that is, if they actually try to solve the problem at all. Also, the solution they provide may very well be temporary. Meaning your clients will have to contact your customer representatives to solve the same problem all over again. If this keeps up, you might as well expect your clients to say goodbye. To avoid this, motivate your employees to give the best possible service they can give to your clients. They may not be Zappos-like with their customer service (and there’s no harm in trying to be), but the important thing is that your clients and future clients feel that they are special to your business.

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