A Pivotal Message for Women Leaders About Our Feminine Side

My business partner recently brought to my attention a video of Jane Goodall speaking about the power of female characteristics (posted below). I think Jane’s message is pivotal for women, particularly in regard to the success of women in the business world:

What I have been saddened by very often is that some of the women who’ve been leaders in the women’s movement…they tried to get out there into these traditionally male jobs by being more male than the males. And that’s unfortunate, really unfortunate.

I can see why it happened, but I think the qualities women can bring into our society, you know…we are by nature, probably instinctively, more nurturing, compassionate, we’re good at finding solutions that don’t involve physical power … So if we can take those out into society it should be making a better world.

The critical message: women should be women, because there is power and immense value in being women. More simply, we should be ourselves every time. After all, we tell our children not to try to be someone they’re not, right? So why are so many of us under the impression that we need to act like men to succeed in the business world? Why spend our work day – in essence, a huge percentage of our lifetime – trying to be someone or something that we are not?

When we do this, we don’t honor ourselves. By suppressing half of ourselves, our feminine side, and magnifying our masculine side, we actually weaken ourselves because we are no longer in balance. And we don’t live as our True Self.

Can we afford such a sacrifice?

If you are a loyal reader you know I have spent the last seven months embarking on a new hobby (ballroom dancing) largely with the intention of expanding my feminine energy and power. You see, I recognized my own lack of balance within myself. I had to expand my feminine energy to regain my own equilibrium.

What I have discovered in the process is that the rewards for us women of embracing and expanding our feminine energy are colossal:

1. Our creative side begins to flourish and we create majestically

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The journey my newly-unearthed creative side has taken me on is one of expansion and self-discovery. When men and women create – be it a dance, a company, a business plan, an entirely new industry – we are all in our feminine energy. When we unleash this energy there is simply no limit to what we can create.

2. We reap the vast rewards of empowering from love and gratitude

Love and gratitude have the highest vibrational energy. When you empower your team and everyone around you from a place of love and gratitude rather than from control or fear, or any other emotional state, you raise the energy of your workplace and your world.

3. We discover that reconnecting to how you feel provides a critical guidepost you’d been missing

Our feminine intuition is a trait that will serve us well when determining if we can trust new business partners and colleagues, and our gut instinct will keep us on the right path…if we listen closely and are truly connected to our inner self.

4. We feel more deeply connected to others and create stronger relationships

When we open ourselves up to truly connecting with other people we are tapping into our feminine energy. The more truly connected we feel, the stronger and longer-lasting our relationships, which are critical to our success in the business world.

5. We nurture our teams to grow, succeed, and to change the world

And in doing so, we leave a beautiful imprint on the planet.

In my own experience, the more time I spend “in my feminine energy” rather than suppressing it, the more whole and stronger I feel. As my business partner says, “Be You Every Time.” I know in my heart if we live this as women, we absolutely will be making a better world…because we will all be living as our True Selves.

We will be more of who we are meant to be and less of who we are not.

Video of Jane Goodall:

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