WordPress.com Or WordPress.Org…That Is The Question!

It’s official, WordPress has become the single most popular blogging platform around (Well, actually it has been for quite a while now but pretend like this is big news and we’ll get along just fine!). It comes as no surprise really, not when you consider how beautifully simple it is to set up or how easy it is to edit and customise your blogs. With WordPress we now have a platform that allows even the most basic online user to start pitching their weird and wonderful views to the world.

So, with all this functionality at our finger tips is it just a case of rolling up our sleeves and diving right in? Well it’s not quite that simple. There are a few things to consider before you start, the first of which is deciding whether you would be best served by using WordPress.com or WordPress.Org to create your site.

To help you make a choice on the best platform here’s a fun and handy infographic on some of the basics to consider before making your decision.


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